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  1. We may not have much, nonetheless we are here. Never know, around tournament time we might gel together and have something without a big man.
  2. Around here that is what it means, that someone was killed at that spot in an auto accident. They are on country roads and even on our urban streets.
  3. This was just a terrific ending to a possible tragedy. I have a daughter with Autism and a hint of Asperger Syndrome, so I know how this could have happened to her. That is definetly correct, God watched over the precious girl and deserves all the glory.
  4. Nice jOB on the Photo Gallery too.
  5. Praying for you friend. The investigation into why the tractor trailor left that part of the interstate and plowed through a cable barrier to hit your friends head on is still ongoing here. A cause has not yet been determined. Such a tragic scene that the several coroners sent in from all over the state were shaken themselves. Hang in there, God Bless you!
  6. Nice looking pic Irishman, I'd like to see the bigger version sometime.
  7. I haven't been here in a while, looks like you changed to the new board around March 13, 2010. I like it, looks pretty neat!
  8. Interesting about this "King James Bible Summit", thanks for sharing.
  9. Praying for your father. We just had a relative pass away from a massive heart attack. Please make sure he goes to the doctor when suppose to or is in pain.
  10. Gee, I would have been disappointed too! Weakness for jelly beans. Good story!
  11. Okay, I think I am in. We are the Thoroughbreds. I guess we'll bring up the rear in the league. :lol:
  12. How much time does it take and how hard is it to learn? :puzzled:
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