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  1. What?? When a person reads an article, they make an assumption as to what the author is talking about. That's part of the reading process. You don't read an article and just say..."yup, ok, that's good." You discover what the author is trying to communicate. If I post a verse that says "Love not the world" and then start preaching against movie theaters, you are going to "assume" that I'm making a correlation between the two, are you not?
  2. 14 inches of snow outside and it's still coming down!
  3. He posted that verse above an article against tv's and advocating throwing them out. If he's going to post a verse about throwing out things that are an abomination and then talks about throwing out tv's then I'm going to assume he meant there to be a correlation. LuAnne said there wasn't so I'm saying he must be a poor writer if that's not what he meant because it seems pretty clear to me.
  4. Baptism is not made with hands. Baptism is spiritual, dunking someone is a representation of that. And I knew him not: but he that sent me to baptize with water, the same said unto me, Upon whom thou shalt see the Spirit descending, and remaining on him, the same is he which baptizeth with the Holy Ghost.
  5. I agree, PT. I didn't even bother going because I've been there before and it's trash.
  6. lol. Still lost. That has nothing to do with what we're talking about. We're talking about infant baptism and you're bringing up Curtis Hutson and John Rice.
  7. We aren't talking about this anymore so I have no idea why you brought it back up. I NEVER said that there were many ways to get to Heaven and never even came anywhere close to implying that so I think you're way off base here. You've completely lost me. I have no idea what you're talking about.
  8. I'm gonna watch my cereal bowl as I empty it of its contents.
  9. We could get up to like 20 inches. Supposed to be pretty big. Really disappointed that our church canceled the live nativity, though.
  10. Um...there's really no correlation between the two but I understand if that's your way of trying to make a dig on me. I was asking you what your interpretation of what "another gospel" is since you seem to think that people who disagree with you believe that other gospel now. You never cease to amaze me. Which doesn't happen often, so well done.
  11. Casting Crowns has an awesome version of that song.
  12. Then he is a poor writer because he posted that at the top of an article and then went on to talk about the evils of TV and how we should throw out, with a little tiny exception clause in there that basically allows for....well, nothing Cloud would approve of. lol Au contraire, I wasn't referring to everyone, at all. I was referring to Cloud's advocating that we should throw it out. If you decide to get rid of the TV because it's a prOBlem for you, more power to you. I'm not going to talk bad about you unless you (a) start acting like you're better than me because of it or ( tell me that I need to get rid of mine. I agree. I think much of what is in our hearts directs the things we do and think but I do believe that caution is necessary in the things we allow ourselves to view or listen to even if our heart is pure before God. I wouldn't want me or my family to view a show filled with sex-talk or listen to music telling people to live for partying or about getting drunk. So I do agree and I'm not advocating an anything-goes philosophy, I was mostly writing in response to Cloud's experience. He seemed to imply that watching things like the Ed Sullivan show gave him a craving for the world that led to drunkeness and wild living which is absurd just based on the fact that Cloud was unsaved at the time and had a natural love for the things of the world born in his sinful nature. He was dead in his sins, he can't blame TV for something that he would've done anyway as a natural man.
  13. Where does the Bible stand against television? I'm against things and have said so before. You're just so used to us being in disagreement that you haven't noticed the times that we agree. lol And if I did stand against nothing except those standing against so-called worldliness and false teaching, which I don't, that would be neither reactionary or irrational. OB has a Bible, directory and game section but no dictionary? Maybe Matt can add that in sometime, might help.
  14. Revelation, there is a vast difference between rejecting the principals of God's Word and sincerely believing that you are following Scripture and are yet in error. I can say with 100% certainty that there are things in Scripture that both you and I have made an error in interpretation on or have misunderstood and therefore are in error in that area. That doesn't mean that I have to separate from you or you from me. The same could be said for LuAnne, Matt, Clarence Sexton, you name it. We are all human and are fallible and subject to error. Being in error is not a sin, choosing to be in error may be a different story. As far as Paul goes, you don't have any evidence to conclude that he would ever separate from those churches and no historical reference to go by that would indicate he ever did it at all. The Bible is pretty clear about separation from sin, not from sinners, from Christians who dive into sin, not from Christians of differing beliefs.
  15. Are you kidding? That's night and day difference. Praying to saints is little more than praying to false gods. The dedication of a baby is neither biblical or unbiblical(IFB's practice it, too) and whether they choose to use water or not may be an error on their part but is extremely different from praying to saints. Simply no comparison. So you're saying that your faith is so weak that if you work with people who practice infant baptism, you'll eventually want to do the same thing? I went to a Pres. church for a year and have been friends with them for years and still have zero desire to have my future babies baptized. Also, while you believe with all your heart(as you should - Romans 14:5b) that what you believe is right, you still very well may be wrong in some areas. Those Christians of other denominations may have a few errors in their doctrinal line-up, as well, but they shouldn't separate us from them any more than the NT churches with their innumerable errors caused Paul to separate from them. He wrote to them, he reasoned with them, and he encouraged them, but never did separation ever occur except on the occasion that someone had rejected their faith.
  16. How does ecumenicism require leaving the Word of God? You can't work with someone who is a Christian but practices infant baptism as a form of dedication?
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