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  1. My gf & SIC (Sister IN Christ) her kids Kayla, Jamie, & Christopher & her husband GAV. Faithgirl
  2. Fried Chicken fingers and MAcoroni and tomato sauce. Faithgirl47
  3. faithgirl47


    I like to cut out hard plastic canvas sheets that have square holes into Crosses or rectangles. Then I take a soft pointed wide eyed needle, and thread it with yarn, and goall the way around the cross or whatever you have cut out. Next make a slanted stitch going left to right (or visa versa) after going three or so stitches, check the Back of the bookmarker to see if the stitch looks tight or sloppy. If the pattern looks tight continue on until you get to where you began. If you went left to right in the first row, go right to left in the second row and continue this pattern until you finish the bookmarker. After you finish the bookmarker, go to the place where you initially began and make a loop. Then take a small, very smal crochet hook and makea chain stitch at the top of the bookmarker. The Chain stitch should be 1-2 " long. Faithgirl
  4. [quote="Jesuspaiditall4all"] Sorry, I couldn't hear :ears: ya..... :tease: :tease: :tease: :haha :haha :haha What was it that you were saying??? :frog [/quote] Maybe he or she was saying Ribbit, ribbit. :lol: Janna

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