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  1. My dad's heat is acting up. Please pray for him. Thank you. Faithgirl
  2. [quote="anime4christ"] praying... [/quote] Thank you and God bless. Faithgirl
  3. Thank you for oraying. It is digusting that the investigators won't do something until a pregnancy occurs. :mad: Faithgirl
  4. Praying for your wife in Jesus' Name. Faithgirl
  5. I read this at another online group, A sixteen year old girl who has the intellect of a three or four year old is being sexual abused ad the police have closed the investigation. :mad: :( :mad: Please pray that justice will be served. Thank you, Faithgirl
  6. What about The Three Bears? After you finish read The Three Bears to your child tell him or her that Papa Bear followed Goldilocks home and when her mom found out what she had done, Goldilocks was made to pay restittution to the Three Bears. The restitution could include Goldilocks read to the Baby Bear, teahing him to read, teaching him about Jesus fixing the chair she broke. In doing so, Goldilocks learns that what she did was wrong spiritually. JMO Faithgirl
  7. [quote="Sophie"] Praying [/quote] Sophie, thank you. Faithgirl
  8. Please pray for the peace that passes all understanding in my heart, soul and being. I want the Lord in me 100% I want to be guided be God.Thank you. Faithgirl
  9. Please pray for my family and me. The situtation is very ugly and too personal to get into. Thank you. Faithgirl
  10. [quote="ericlw"] Who wants to fit in at a public school. I am proud that I didnt fit in. I was made fun of somewhat but not too bad because I was overweight. I had never had the latest fashion either. Considered a class ring a waste of money also. Basically through out high school I was a loner. I had some people that were nice to me and would talk to me, but I wouldnt consider them friends because they weren't Christians. I started with two friends in high school both known through church. Rarely had a class with them though. One was too much into role playing games and medieval themed stuff for me and the other one left and went to a private/home school setting after a year or two. The other three kids my age during high school that went to the same church one was a year older than me so I never saw him in any classes, one was the pastors kid and was home schooled and the other was already at the private/home school that the other was at. I church I go to now has a private school that I wish I could of gone to. Right now I havnt talked to anyone of the above due to they went away to college the following fall and before any came back I had left that church and started to going to the one I go to know. [/quote] I know what you are saying. The kids teased me for because I refused to use drugs and be easy. What Jesus taught e through this is that a true friend will accept you as you are and will not sk you to do things Jesus would not approve of. Faithgirl
  11. :( I am so sorry to learn this. May God be with and comfort all of you. Jesus be with and bless this dear family of Yours. Give them the strength they need at thistime in their lives. Faithgirl
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