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  1. I know exactly what you are talking about... i believe that some of the people who act this way are sometimes diciples in such a way that they are wanting to impress the persom decipling them instead of serving God. and some people try to act way "normal" and they end up looking like complete idiots. i was one of those people then i realized how redicilous (sp) i looked... just be yorself and strife to do whats right in God's eyes not in mans eyes.. because Man will fail you and God will never do that... Jess
  2. the other day i got a t-shirt that was marked down to a dollar... i rang it up and it was only 30 cents!!!!! crazy :drool :drool :drool :drool
  3. ilovejw

    Only one?

    Give me 2 years and i'll be right there along side ya!!! :java:
  4. I'm so sorry that happened to you Brando, I know who you are talking about and i could guess he would be that way while in authority. I will pray for both you and him. Just remember, it is wrong to hold a grudge and you must forvive him. you don't have to be super nice but DO NOT be hateful. the devil will get a foothold and that will hurt you more than you would believe. If he is saved God will convict him and hopefully he will apologize someday. :praying :praying :thumb
  5. I personally think that God will show you the right man or woman... and you don't have to be 19 or 27 to find the one you are meant to be with the rest of you life. I am 17 and i am a girl and I know without a doubt in my mind theat the man I am going to marry is in my senior class... I am graduating with him... we went out for a couple months... no dates or anything just sitting by each other .... things like that... we had to break up b/c his parents want him to work on colege (sp) But I know he is the man I am going to marry without a doubt in my mind... Because God told me...... no I am not being stupid.... I am honest....
  6. My name is Jessica Mae..... i can't stand it I go by jessi or jess.... i am 17.... i feel so old :shock: lol jessi
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