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  1. Thanks for checking! Anything will help. I've got some resources here, but anything else I can get my hands on would be a real plus. Lord bless!
  2. Can anyone recommend a good series of lessons on the Tabernacle? I would also like to find a good "picture" of the Tabernacle to use. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks and have a great day!
  3. I sure would appreciate your prayers for my daughter and son-in-law. They are missionaries in a country that does not allow the preaching of the Gospel. Below you will find a letter I got from y son-in-law outlining events that took place this past Sunday. Needless to say, I have removed names and certain information for security purposes. Thanks for taking a look at this and have a great day. Brother Haynes, I would like to fill you in as to what took place last Sunday Morning. We arrived at church around 9:00 a.m. Immediately following Choir; a single police officer came into the meetin
  4. I am a missionary on the Navajo Nation. I have had the privilege of starting a church and am now working with another one. I am looking for some good, solid children's Sunday School material at a decent price. I'm not trying to be cheap, but our resources financially are a little limited. I like the material put out by Joyful Life, but the expenses were more than the churches here could do. Any recommendations would really be appreciated. Have a great day!
  5. We use Majesty Hymns for our Navajo Church. It was published by Majesty Music in 1997. On the plus side, it has a large number of songs (641) and the typeset is very easy to read. It also includes several songs written by Ron and Shelly Hamilton which our people have enjoyed learning. On the downside, upon occasion they delete verses, not for some "sinister" reason, but for space considerations. Some familiar verses are left out of some hymns that I would rather have seen them leave alone. We also use Jesus Woodlaji Sin, which is a Navajo language songbook. I would reckon that most of yo
  6. The booming metropolis of Middletown, Ohio. Now living at 6300 feet on the Navajo Nation in Northern Arizona!
  7. Hello from the Navajo Nation in Arizona! My daughter and son-in-law are on the deputation road for China right now! We will certainly pray for your success. Lord bless you and welcome aboard!
  8. Hello from the Navajo Nation! I grew up in Ohio, Middletown specifically. Great to have you on board. Have a great day!
  9. Our church supports a missionary (IBIM) to the Navajos in AZ...Sam Grammer. I believe he lives in Flagstaff and pastors a church in Tuba City.[/quote] I'd like to meet him. Tuba is a good ways from us, as is pretty much everything and everyone. If you could get contact information for me, I'd like to get in touch. Have a great day!
  10. We drive 75 miles to church one way. We started the church in 1997. As missionaries and non-Natives, we cannot buy land. We have to base ourselves out of one area and then drive to where we need to work. The next work we start is ONLY going to be 30 miles away! Just a short walk!
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