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  1. We are in a very conservative area and I know many good Christians who are teaching in the public schools in our region. About 10 years ago, I met a wonderful home school mother who gave me a new perspective about public schools. She was and still is a Sociology teacher in a secular university. She also teaches foster care classes for certification in foster care programs. Her own young children attended the nice elementary school where her mother retired from as a teacher. After working closely with the foster care program, she pulled her own children out of the public system and rearranged her teaching schedule to work evenings so she could homeschool her kids during the day. She was very passionate about the reason: the children with whom she worked were so horribly abusive (usually because of what they had endured) that she did not want her children exposed to the possibility of their abuse. She said good Christian teachers and supportive administrators are not capable of protecting the children in their schools. This is in a smaller community.
  2. A man who is saved, discipled and called to preach has the opportunity to stay and learn from his pastor or online courses. Going away to Bible college is just another option.
  3. I don't expect to be bothered by him since I don't comment very often. But, I am a compliant person and would answer "yes or no."
  4. I always enjoy reading the educational experiences of others and find it to be quite diverse. My husband and I were reared in different parts of the country; he is from a rural area and I am from a large city. We are products of public education, although I went to a Christian college. He graduated from a federal academy, then went to a state university and a private medical university. But, we chose home education at a time when it was not common (1980) because we wanted more for our children than what the public systems were offering. A military career kept us on the move and home schooling was a perfect choice for us. We continued for 20 years and have also been very satisfied with the Christian school located in the area where we settled. An observation from 17 years as a junior church teacher of varied home school, Christian school and public school children: it is the parent's influence and involvement in the lives of their children which has the greatest impact. A lazy parent seems to get about the same results whether they home school or the child gets himself to the school bus. Attentive parents will usually produce a well-educated child at home or in a local school. I can add that a mix of attentive parents and dedicated teachers can result in an awesome Christian school experience.
  5. I didn't know that the AF uses acupuncture. Times have changed since my husband retired from Navy medicine.
  6. I was an IFB for 12 years before I ever heard his name and only 1 of the 8 churches in which I have been a member ever mentioned him.
  7. Welcome. Come on in and enjoy the fellowship.
  8. Welcome! Hope you enjoy your time here.
  9. I do much more lurking here than posting. That way you can't hear my little "amen!"
  10. Our church started with the founding pastor and eventually a couple became the youth leaders. When our pastor stepped aside to run another ministry from our church because of health reasons, the new pastor brought in a young youth pastor. Second pastor had to leave (for cause) and the young youth pastor stepped in as interim. He showed such wisdom and growth in his life that he was called as our senior pastor at the age of 27. He hired an assistant pastor 3 years his junior and a youth pastor 6 years his junior. Yes, they are young, but they are men of character and are doing a great job. Our founding pastor is greatly respected by the pastor and he has spent many hours gleaning from the elder's experience and counsel.
  11. I've enjoyed reading about your church services. We have been members of 8 churches (military) and most had choirs. Love our church and the variety of music, although I don't hear the Sunday morning music (junior church, of course) I hear about it from my family. We have invested heavily in instrumental and voice lessons so I am very thankful that my kids are using their talents for the Lord.
  12. Goats tend to wander to a different field when they have depleted the food in the present one.

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