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  1. I probably knew that when I first signed up, but I don't come here as often as I should. Always enjoyed hearing him preach when we lived in New England and even remember having the family over to eat a few times.
  2. Even though I have not heard him for many years, Evangelist Dan Souza is still my favorite. Nothing like hearing someone preach who lives the life of a true servant. Evangelist Richard Harper - I have heard quite a bit in the last few years and really enjoy his preaching.
  3. I love it because it tells me I have been justified.
  4. Chemicals and additives are a part of our lives. I happen to be a long-time user of artificial sweeteners and the only benefit I expect is that I probably won't have to be embalmed when I die. :icon_mrgreen:
  5. Those pictures are incredible. God was merciful to your son.
  6. Will pray for the family. May the Lord guide and comfort them.
  7. Hmmmm. Would the government accept tax payments in dead mice?
  8. When my husband was deployed I needed to set a mousetrap. I set a shopping bag on its side and slid the trap into it. When the mouse met its doom, all I had to do was pick up the bag by its handles and dispose of it.
  9. Praying for your son. May the Lord help him.
  10. Congratulations on the birth of your new daughter. God bless your family.
  11. Our 5 kids range in age from 28 to 11. One thing we desire is to be as consistent with the last one as we tried to be with the others. I definitely am the disciplinarian because of being the one who is home. I don't mean I always administer the punishment, but the discipline of training fall to me most of the time.
  12. JenSpin- I have read most of the books about home schooling and unschooling and I am thankful that there are options for each family. As I said in my post I need the structure! A parent needs to research and experiment with teaching styles that are effective for their the student, but I also see frustrated parents who focus solely on a child's learning style without concern for the parent's need. Some people are creative and energetic (sounds like you) and they would stifle their creative expression by using a pre-fab educational kit. Then there is someone like me who needs the structure of a specific course of study upon which I can build.
  13. John was a Baptist? Apparently it was his last name :Green . (Luke 7:20)
  14. JenSpin- Your posts have been very interesting. We started home schooling in 1985 when we lived in Bremerton (I remember when the Silverdale Mall opened....I am old ). I had no intention of home schooling until we moved to WA and could not find a conservative school. Finding material before the era of the internet was quite a task, especially since we were not acquainted with any home schoolers. We had gone to a church overseas that had a small Christian school that used A Beka so that is what we decided to use. Twenty-one years later, we are still using it. I need the structure it provides. Supplements are chosen according to the interests or deficits (based upon standardized test scores) of the student. For those who have their children tested, this is what we do (beyond A Beka) to prepare for testing: Google desired subjects, such as "Second grade science" or "Eighth grade history". Add pertinent sites to "favorites" and use daily. Order grade level workbooks from the standardized test company the student uses. Single subjects that need special attention may also be ordered. My students do at least one page each day from these workbooks. This has improved their scores by introducing information not covered in our courses AND by introducing a variety of testing terms that are not used in our curriculum. God bless!
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