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  1. John81's post in What is the deacons role in the Baptist Church? was marked as the answer   
    That would entirely depend upon which Baptist church you happen to be in. This is especially true of Independent Baptist churches which don't have a central denominational authority telling them how the deacon position must be dealt with according to them.
    Some Baptist churches attempt to follow the biblical model of deacons as closely as possible, some others give deacons great authority in the church (sometimes even authority over the pastor), in some a deacon may be nothing more than an usher, and in others the position of deacon is different yet.
  2. John81's post in Where Is The New 'temple' Going To Be Built? Inside The Walls Or Out? was marked as the answer   
    It seems pretty clear that any new temple would have to be built either where the Dome of the Rock now sits or very close to it. Any other location would be unacceptable to Orthodox Jews as well as most religious Jews.
    As NN said, other than a simple answer to the basic question there is nothing more to discuss unless someone wants to turn this into something else. Given the simplicity of the question and answer one has to wonder why there are five pages in this thread already and not only one.
  3. John81's post in How Does The "like" System Work? was marked as the answer   
    I think everyone has something like 20 or so "likes" they can give out per day. Whenever someone clicks "like" on a post they like that adds to the count which at set points changes the tag from neutral to the next tag and so on.
    It was mostly put forth so people could express their like of a posting without having to make a post saying nothing more than that when they didn't have anything else to add.
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