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  1. Right there with you Rosie! There is a small city near here where that's a big problem. Even if your light turns green you have to be very careful to look both ways and slowly start to go because there are many who will go right through a red light if it's only been red for a couple of seconds.
  2. Exodus 19:2 For they were departed from Rephidim, and were come to the desert of Sinai, and had pitched in the wilderness; and there Israel camped before the mount.
  3. Perhaps it's a gremlin from the Kremlin!
  4. Ok, I admit it, until recent years the first day of summer was always June 21 because that was the actual first full day of summer. Now, since they say summer technically actually begins at five something this afternoon they declare the 20th to be the first day of summer even though most of the day is gone by the time their official beginning of summer arrives. Besides, we could always easily remember my maternal grandmothers birthday as it was the same day summer began, June 21.
  5. Exodus 18:26 And they judged the people at all seasons: the hard causes they brought unto Moses, but every small matter they judged themselves.
  6. I would consider that a repentant, non-active "homosexual", even if they are still tempted to that sin, are no longer a "homosexual". Being tempted isn't a sin, it's only when we give in to the temptation that we sin and can be defined by the sin (homosexual, adulterer, thief, etc.).
  7. Exodus 18:24 So Moses hearkened to the voice of his father in law, and did all that he had said.
  8. One of the things which I don't see raised very often is if this particular sin is okay to accept, tolerate or ignore (or even claim to not be a sin) why not all the other sins? If a pastor or church thinks they should accept open, practicing homosexuals into the church as full members, able to serve in the church, then should this apply to a known serial rapist, murderer, thief, pedophile? Most pastors and churches, at least at the moment, would not allow or even consider allowing those open sinners to be members and to serve in the church. Why accept homosexual sinners then? S
  9. I understand what you mean. Unfortunately I know many who have lost babies in the womb, stillborn, or died shortly after birth. Sadly, my Mom had stillborn twins and a little girl who only lived less than two hours. There really are no words that bring the comfort being sought or desired. Even when they are told their child is with Jesus the pain is still there, there seems to virtually always be lingering doubt or uncertainty as to whether that's true or not, and oftentimes there develops an anger toward God for "taking their child". Making matters worse are all those who try to pre
  10. The top pastor of Southwest Church in Indian Wells was asked to resign because he refused to condemn homosexuality, he explained in his resignation letter. A few months ago, Pastor Gerald Sharon—who has been lead pastor of Southwest since 2013 and previously served at Saddleback Church in Orange County—asked the church hierarchy to look into "the extent to which a homosexual individual could be involved in the life of Southwest Church." While the church leadership initially seemed engaged in the discussions, they recently sent Sharon a letter in which they unanimously affirmed South
  11. As stated above, God doesn't always give clear answers and assurances regarding every point where someone may believe or feel better about a particular matter. Even with regards to Job, God never answered His questions, didn't reveal to Job the behind the scene (spiritual) things going on. God simply pointed out He is God and there are none who can rightly question Him. People die every day which, if we are honest, we are unable to give a clear "they are certainly in heaven with Jesus right now" statement. Sadly, many do give such statements even when it's as obvious as possible to us tha
  12. Considering Scripture doesn't directly address the eternal state of those who die in the womb, as babies or young children, isn't is simply safe to trust God with the matter and not try to come up with our own thoughts on this? Another point, are we all going to be the "age" we were at death throughout eternity? Will the woman who died at 108 be as that age for eternity; or the 13 year old boy, or anyone else? It doesn't seem likely little babies will be tossed into hell for torment or crawling around the streets of gold for eternity. Again, however, since Scripture doesn't specifically s
  13. The main problem here is, like so many other churches, the SBC is losing sight of the main mission of churches as presented in Scripture. Churches are to build up the believers so they can rightly live for Christ and spread the Gospel, make disciples. If churches were doing what they are called to do, these other matters would be covered by right Christian living. A Christian, rooted and grounded in the Word, living his life for Christ, will love others, have compassion, pray for others, help those they can, share the Gospel with all. No need for establishing committees and special g
  14. THEY'RE KILLING OUR CULTURE By Lee Duigon June 16, 2016 NewsWithViews.com [NOTE: I have to be careful what I write today, because a Muslim fanatic shot up a gay bar and Christians are to blame, somehow. Every form of resistance to the demands of organized sodomy will be declared the moral equivalent of the Orlando massacre. So all I will say is this. Sorry, liberals, but this was your fault, not ours. You fostered and coddled homosexual activism. At the same time, you have tried to do the same with Islam, which you have imported. “Gay rights” and militant Islam ca
  15. When I was a baby Christian I heard the idea of reading several different versions in order to really understand the Bible. I don't recall where I heard that or who from but I bought several inexpensive Bibles of various versions. While some claim to gain better clarity comparing different versions that wasn't the case for me. What I discovered is that while some passages seemed to say basically the same thing, in many other cases the passages were clearly different, sometimes even contradicting one another. In my mind it seemed impossible that each version could be trusted to be God's Word wh
  16. Ok, I admit it, sun tea can be really good.
  17. I'm sure glad I got the yard mowed the other day. It was hot then but it's been several degrees hotter every day since then.
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