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  1. 7 minutes ago, wretched said:

    Sorry brother, but they just all happened, like the same worldly accounts of similar things. Now, don't get me wrong on the praying because that will move God. Some christians praying public prayers at the hospital is not importunity by any stretch; so the healings in those cases is coincidental, just like the other lost folks in the same hospital with the same illness who recovered. The muslim story sounds emerging churchy to me. What was the source?

    Your view of this makes me sad. The God of Scripture is active in our lives today as He was yesterday and will be tomorrow.

  2. 7 hours ago, swathdiver said:

    John, you really should stop visiting those websites with the .ru extension, they are full of surprises!  

    I don't think I've ever seen a .ru extension. What does that represent or stand for?

    7 hours ago, No Nicolaitans said:

    Ahhh...I hope other people will see what I'm about to write...

    What you described is one of the more easy ways a computer gets infected...

    All of a sudden, a window pops up on your screen. You want it gone, so you naturally click the close button on the window...and...you've now infected your computer.

    They are designed so that if you click ANYWHERE on the window, it will infect the computer.

    So, the best course of action is...

    When you encounter a strange pop up window, and it's not related to anything already on your computer that you're used to seeing...

    1. Don't click anything! 

    2. Don't click ANYTHING!

    3. Immediately shut your computer down by holding the actual physical power button down until the computer powers off.

    4. (My personal recommendation) When you turn it back on, immediately run a virus scan AND then run a Malwarebytes scan.

    Thank you, good to know. In my case, I did run a virus scan after those happened but didn't have malware scan at the time.

  3. 8 minutes ago, wretched said:

    Oh come on brother and consider honestly what you are comparing these "miracles" you read or heard about to: the real miracles in the Word. You know, the plagues, the healings, the raising from the dead, speaking in real tongues, etc, etc, now, compare those to the silly stories you have heard and read as miracles: Surviving a car wreck is hardly a miracle, it happens to the heathen every day, etc, etc, etc.

    God required no prayer to display miracles, wonders, signs, etc. but Luke chapter 11 tells us how we can move God to intervene in this age brother. Importunity is the only way IMO.

    I can't speak for what happens in your circle but I know several people who were healed after being prayed over. Real, actual verifiable healing which the doctors attested to.

    There was a Baptist missionary in China who, after years of failing to be able to learn even the rudiments of the language, one began preaching to a few people who knew some English when suddenly all the Chinese present began listening intently. Some called for others to join until eventually a crowd heard Chinese coming from this Baptist missionary who was preaching in English.

    Multiple sources, involving multiple missionaries and other Christians, have reported on the large number of Muslims overseas who have had very specific dreams which caused them to seek out these Christian to learn of Christ.

    None of these things "just happened", God clearly was involved.

    There are countless other testimonies of such, and much more, by reliable Christians, not the emotionalist Charismatic fringe.

  4. 1 hour ago, No Nicolaitans said:

    Wow...and it found 800? I didn't say anything to Rosie, but I thought that the four items her scan found was a lot. I think the most ours has ever discovered at one time was two items.

    Was Malwarebytes able to remove all of the items from your computer?

    It said it removed them all. I had a couple or few, don't recall just how many, times when suddenly new windows started opening up rapidly and I couldn't close them faster than they would open new ones. I had to shut the computer off to stop it. Perhaps during one or more of those instances many nasty things jumped on board. I don't know.

    Yes, I really thought over 800 hits was extremely high. I was concerned when it got to double digits! I suppose being rid of whatever they were couldn't hurt! ;-)

  5. 29 minutes ago, No Nicolaitans said:

    Sounds like you may have used SUPERAntiSpyware...or something similar. It treats tracking cookies as "threats". That's probably why there were so many. 

    I downloaded the one you posted above. It took over half an hour to run. Earlier this year I ran into problems with this computer and both times the only way I could get it going good again was to take it back to an earlier date and restart from there.

  6. Has there been a clear defining here of just what the "falling away" is actually referring to?

    How does this compare to previous times of falling away?

    We know there are, and always have been, many "in the faith" who were not born again Christians. Today, over 70% of Americans claim to be Christian but we know while even many of these who may appear to be "in the faith" they are nothing more than secular or cultural Christians, not actual born again Christians.

    When these "fall away", it's not believers falling away, it's the lost who may have been sitting in the same pew with us since childhood.


  7. 13 hours ago, wretched said:

    Wouldn't your own physical senses and common sense of the world around you indicate that no signs, wonders, visions, miracles, demon possessions or anything else as described from God to show Himself and His power to the world in the  OT, Gospels, Acts and in Revelation ever occurred in your lifetime? Why not...because the Spirit has been poured out over all flesh during this age. Not only to convict the world of sin, righteousness and coming judgement but also IMO has kept satan down or subdued during this age. No demon possession have occurred since; no miracles have occurred since either; no wonders, no signs, no visions, etc have occurred since.

    Don't get me wrong I have personally witnessed several of what other people claim as "miracles" and even some "demon possessions", none of which were remotely true in reality but only true in the emotionally unstable minds of those professing these events as miracles or possessions. NOT ONE (nor have I ever heard of a claimed event like this) that was even fractionally close to what the OT, Gospels, Acts and Revelation describe as these and all could easily be proved as coincidence. Nowhere in the OT, Gospels, Acts or even in Revelation will anyone attempt to link God's wonders, signs and miracles to coincidence. He made it indisputable that it was His Hand everytime. Just as He will again during the tribulation period.

    You often put forth this view but countless Christians around the world, both past and present, have witnessed otherwise. From individual Christians to missionaries and others there are credible testimonies of the miraculous. These aren't confined to Charismatics or Pentecostals, but include numerous Baptists and others as well.

    By your reckoning, what would be the purpose of prayer if there were no chance of God working some form of "miracle" in order to fulfill certain prayer requests?

    Our God is the same yesterday, today and forever, His power working in this world is still present.

  8. Many people think Pope Francis is the Antichrist, or at least the false prophet. Videos like this one don't do him any favors.

    Although no reasonable person would argue against living in peace in a world of conflicting religions, the pontiff takes this ideal to a new extreme in a video message illustrating his heartfelt prayer request.

    "Most of the planet's inhabitants declare themselves believers. This should lead to a dialogue among religions," he said in Italian. "We should not stop praying for it and collaborating with those who think differently."

    Of course, dialogue is one thing. Compromising the tenets of Christianity is altogether different.

    The video then shows quick shots of people stating their religious convictions.

    A lama declares, "I have confidence in Buddha."

    A rabbi confesses, "I believe in God."

    A Catholic priest declares, "I believe in Jesus Christ."

    An Islamic leader shares, "I believe in God, Allah."

    Notably, no evangelicals or Pentecostals were in the mix.

    Disturbing video footage shows the pope receiving a demonic statue from a Buddhist and bending down to pray according to Muslim tradition.

    "Many think differently, feel differently, seeking God or meeting God in different ways," he says. "In this crowd, in this range of religions, there is only one certainty we have for all: We are all children of God."

    Here's the problem: You can seek God in many ways, but there's only one way to the Father. There is only one way to meet God, and His name is Jesus Christ. To even hint at anything else causes confusion at best and deceives many at worst.


    Video available at link:


  9. 9 hours ago, Golgotha said:

    There is the elect;  the vessels unto honor;  and then those vessels unto dishonor that will be left behind.  They were not of us that followed the Shepherd's voice but a stranger's voice;  tongues without interpretation, ( John 10:1-5 ) but Jesus said that there are the other sheep that He has & He must bring them and then they will hear His voice and be of the one fold & one shepherd ( John 10:14-16 )....hint... they will be seeing Him & thus hearing Him in order to be serving Him as the King of kings for the milleniel reign of Christ.

    1 Timothy 4:1-2 speaks of those departing away from the faith & so these are believers that had faith, but were led astray by seducing spirits & doctrines of devils.

    Titus 1:16 testifies that any work of iniquity denies Him & thus by an inqiuity that denies Him, He will deny us;  2 Timothy 2:12, but even if they believe not any more, having their faith overthrown, 2 Timothy 2:18 by whatever lie that did it, Jesus is faithful & He still abides in them 2 Timothy 2:13 

    This is why believers are called to depart from iniquity with His help & by His grace so they can be received as vessels unto honor in His House at the pre trib rapture event.  2 Timothy 2:19-21

    Although some have been led astray & snared by the devil in doing his will, God may yet peradventure to recover them before the rapture; 2 Timothy 2:24-26, but if not, He definitely will afterwards because He will lose nothing of all the Father has given Him.   John 6:38-40  

    So there will be a sheep that followed the stranger's voice as they are NOT of the fold of the disciples that followed His voice by the grace of God & their trust in Jesus Christ as their Good Shepherd & all His promises to us.  2 Timothy 4:18

    I don't see any indication that when Christ calls His people up He will only be calling some while leaving others behind because they weren't good enough.

    From your postings you seem to have an over-focus upon the matter of speaking in tongues which you stretch into other areas affecting your view of the meaning of various verses.

    In John 10:14-16 Jesus is referring to Gentiles, who are not of the fold of the Jews, which He will bring in and there will be one fold, Jews and Gentiles alike forming that one fold.

  10. I wish I could remember how I finally found some good music on Pandora. A couple years ago I tried so many different search terms and finally one of them provided good music. The only thing I remember is the music being played under the search term wasn't what I would have expected. I also recall trying to find some old style Southern Gospel on there and I finally found it under some search term other than Southern Gospel.

    It's a shame it's so difficult to find music outside the "mainstream" of music.

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