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    I have a Springfield XD 40. It is a great gun. IMO, better then the glock because of the palm safety, the hammer and chamber indicator, and the price. I also have a Mossberg 12 guage with pistol grip for home defense. I took my wife to the range a few weeks ago to get her comfortable with both guns. Everybody at the range had gun envy over the mossberg... It was hard not to be proud. :saint
  2. Depends on the state, but in NJ, I had to do monthly sales tax returns even if it was small. wrt the bolded part: That would not be the same. Lets assume you make $50,000/year and pay throughout the year $10,000 to the government. You would have tithed on 40,000. Then you get a $3,000 rebate, and tithe on that. You have tithed on $43,000, but you earned $50,000. The other 7k you paid in taxes to the government to provide you certain services (just like you pay the car mechanic... but it happens automatically). From a tithing POV, you should really tithe on the $50,000 up front and not tithe on the tax return.
  3. no problem... In your example, I would pay $80 tithe... In other words, tithe off of the amount after the $200 expenses but before taxes (because in theory, taxes provide services... )
  4. Speaking as if I was a pro10%er, I think the mixer is a bit of a stretch. What value does the mixer have besides making cakes? Will not the mixer depreciate over the lifespan of the mixer. The mixer is an asset of 'the company'. The mixer is a tool used to make money. That money is the money you are tithing off of. If you sold the company after 5 years, and the mixer went with it, then you would tithe off of the increase to you personally. (not to mention the depreciation factors of the mixer) Its ultimately up to you and God. When its the "increase" I think that means to you personally. If you took out a 100,000 loan to open a cake storefront and buy all your ovens, would you then tithe on the new ovens? No. Because they are tools to make money... the money you are getting, and tithing off of.
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    well, it was suposed to act as a division between teh top answers and the bottom ones... its not working so well. :lol
  6. dwayner79


    Does your church have Ameners, and if so, do you find them encouraging?
  7. I cheated all though High school. It was a small christian school with small class sizes. The amazing part was there were 2 or 3 students in a class of 15 that would not, but the rest of us did. This had absolutely nothing to do with curriculum and everything to do with naive teachers. (You don't tell a bunch of 11th graders to grade each other's papers.)
  8. :clap: on toast: butter or Jelly

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