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  1. Happy Birthday man!! 

  2. Cool Kayla! What a fun car. You could beat it to death, and it would start right up every time. I would race my friends with their sports cars and win in that thing. (Not condoning teen racing.) Great little car. Too bad a totaled it.
  3. Would Jesus walk around today in a tunic? Or would he put on blue jeans?
  4. I don't buy this argument... mostly because it is the farthest thing from reality. I love traditional music. I also love modern P&W. I know people who like the traditional. I know people who only like the "rock" as its being called here. Because there is so much personal preference involved, some folks are alienated (as you put it) from one or the other, and many enjoy both. I know the board's stand on CCM, so I am not just trying to push a pro-CCM agenda. I am trying to say this argument does not hold up. Traditional music can and does alienate some folks because of its style.
  5. 86 Subaru GL That sounded exactly like this: http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=18962845
  6. fair enough pt... if you are talking 12 years, then so be it. I simply do not like the idea of treating a child as less of a "burden" then marriage.
  7. I'm rather floored, and that takes a lot. As a father, I agree with all those who say you are sounding selfish. A child does not tie you down as much as a wife does, a child ties you down a heck of a lot more then a wife. A wife is a teammate, a child is a dependent. You cannot be a good father and go run off to Bali for a year while your child is being raised by a boarding school. I am unsure how I feel about a single dad and the "circuMVention of God's Plan" comment. So lets assume that I think that is just fine, I would not be for it for someone with your attitude as displayed here.
  8. I am adopted. Was adopted from Birth. My parents are my parents. You simply love them as your own and they will know nothing else. I will make one statement, that there are many here in the States who need adopting as well. I am also a parent of an infant. Since no breastmilk is available, formula is pricey. $13 a can which will last for a week or two in the beginning. Later on, more. By 8 months, they are up to 2-3 cans of food a day at $.50/can. Diapers are expensive. Get a costo membership, or buy from walmart. Avoid the grocery store premium. All told, $75-150/month for the first year. Clothes are another issue, but usually the first year is covered with gifts. After the first year, prices go up significantly. The gifts stop, so no new clothes, unless there is a hand-me-down kid born in the same season. Ours were born 6 months offset (one in sept and one in March) so none of the clothes were the right size at the right season. My oldest is 5, and each year her expense has gone up. I assume that will not be the case in about 17-19 years. :-(
  9. @Kevin, I drink tea and soda mostly. Tea cost 3 tea bags and some splenda for a whole pitcher. Soda cost .25 a can if you buy on sale, so a 10 dollar bottle of wine is expensive, as is a 1.25 dollar beer.
  10. Kevin, we have a lot in common. My thoughts exactly.
  11. Holster, Kevin's point is valid. Just because something can lead to destruction does not mean it is sin. Any number of things can lead to destruction (women, cars, Internet, etc. etc.) but are not sinful in their own right. @happy, there is some value to the alcohol (as the article points out) beyond the antioxidants, so grape juice is not a 1 for 1 replacement health wise. Me, I do not care if someone enjoys a brew every now and then, but it is a rarity for me because it is so ridiculously expensive.
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