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  1. You would think that just the fact that I'm a missionary would mean I'm outgoing---I most absolutely am not. I do not like going up to people that I don't know and starting a conversation. Two things, though, have helped me in this area quite a bit: 1. God commanded us to do it. Thus, I spend lots of time praying for God to speak for me and through me because I certainly can't do it on my own. I agree with Suzy, though, that passing out tracts is also evangelizing and often, that person will start the conversation for you, which makes it a bit easier. That was my first step--taking tracts with me everywhere I went and just passing them out, and each time I would take a slightly larger stack of tracts with me, thus increasing the chances that I would have of speaking with someone. 2. I have often found, also, that other people who I may be too shy to speak to first are also shy and would love to talk, but are afraid to. Sometimes you can tell just by looking in their eyes that they want to talk to someone. So, I just imagine that everyone is like me (HA!!) and is too afraid to speak first. God will give you the ability to do what He has commanded us to do, just for some of us it is a bit harder to get going. Not sure what you do outside of "church" stuff, but for me, our orphanage and medical work are easy openers for me, and then I can move the conversation to why I do those things. Maybe that will help, too. Rhonda
  2. I play the piano and have since I was 5 years old(miss my piano dearly here--have only seen one in a store that was like so far out of my price range I know it'll never make it to the Christmas list let alone the top)--- anyone got a piano they want to donate???? I do play the keyboard at church, but it just isn't the same. I can play the organ if I absolutely have to, but it's not my favorite. I want to learn to play the violin and/or the flute. Everyone here in Guatemala is required to learn how to play the flute in school (don't ask me--makes no sense at all), so maybe the violin would be better choice--I like to be different. Rhonda
  3. Welcome to the group! My brother went to PCC for a year, but then transferred to a state school for financial reasons. Rhonda
  4. I dabble in almost every type of craft known to man. I love cross stitch, crochet, sewing and scrapbooking, but I have tried knitting, candlemaking, soapmaking, quilting, and just about everything else that has come down the pipe at one time or another. I have TONS of links to various craft sites, so I'll try to post some little by little for all you craft enthusiasts out there.
  5. We have 6, ages 19, 17, 15, 13, and two 6yo--four boys and two girls. We definitely wanted more, but God said enough! However, we figure all the orphaned kids we can get our hands on will become "ours," too!! Tim--where in Georgia do you live? Our home church is in Georgia (Corinth Baptist Church), and my parents live in Grayson. IMPT NOTE--I am originally from CT and am not to be confused with a Southern girl :lol: Rhonda
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