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  1. That is not true. A couple has the right to decide what is done with leftover embryos. If you believe that life begins at conception you can choose that no embryos are discarded. You can donate them to another childless couple or cryopreserve them for later use. During the thawing process an embryo may not survive and that embryo can be discarded, but is is no longer alive and therefore removes the ethical concerns. Many Christian couples choose to implant all thawed embryos regardless of how "good" they are just to prevent discarding them. As for the practice of PGD it is completely wrong even if you have a genetic issue. What they do is take the embryos and make them split in two, essentially making a twin. The second embryo is tested and if it is genetically approved then you can implant that original one into the uterus. If it has a genetic issue, or in the case of this article does not look they way the parents want it to look or is the wrong sex, the embryos are discarded. I am fine with the practice of IVF as it is combining what God designed to combine: egg and sperm. But this is playing God, deciding who has a chance to live and who does not.
  2. The acting was mediocre, but I loved the basic storyline. I am not a sports fan at all, but I love any movie that shows the pain and struggle of infertility and the miracles that God can perform.
  3. Just watched it today and thought that it was great!! Kirk Cameron's acting was very good, though some of the other actors were not that great. But like someone else said, the storyline more than made up for it!
  4. To say that because my womb is closed that I may not be "meant to have children" is saying that an HIV positive crack whore pregnant with her 6th is IS meant to be a mother. And I am assuming that all of you that believe it is to be left to God to open or shut a womb does not use any preventative measures (birth control, tubes tied, etc). Considering that, by this reasoning, doing so would be against His will as He will shut your (your wife's) womb when He is ready for you to no longer have children. The same as a person who doesn't accept cancer as a death sentence and seeks treatment. "Man's ways" are to use chemo and radiation. Does that make it wrong for a person to reject God's plan of death and use medicine? Ultimately it is God's decision but I don't see it as being wrong to everything within our power to live. I think the most important thing is to make sure that we pray for His will. Each step of our infertility journey has been covered in prayer. And not prayer that our will be done, but His. The scariest story in the Bible to me is Rachel demanding children "lest she die". She never once asked what God wanted of her only that she get what she wanted. She got what she wanted and died in the process. And then there was Sarah who followed her will and we all know what happened there. We ask God that He guide our steps and that we do His will. I ask him daily that if His will is for us to remain childless that He give me the strength to accept it and to remove this desire from me. If it is His will for us to have children we ask that He show us the way and show us if we are going down the wrong path. We are planning on doing IVF (not with a surrogate) and we ask Him to only give us a child if it is His will. If we conceive then how do you explain that?
  5. I think that surrogacy is a completely unselfish act whether a woman is paid or not. Personally, I don't think that doing it for pay is right, but I don't criticize those that do. As for using the example of Sarah, Abraham and Hagar the problem was not the surrogacy as much as it was circuMVenting God's plan. He specifically said that Abraham's child was to come from Sarah. Rachel and Leah did the same thing yet there is nothing negative about their situation. With that said, deciding to become a surrogate should be done with much godly counsel and prayer. It would not be an easy decision and any woman considering it should be prepared for all that it entails As for "just adopt" vs fertility treatments, adopting is not cheap nor is it easy! Yes, you can adopt through foster care but you must be prepared to have the child in your home for a time and possibly have to give them back to an abusive, neglectful drug addicted parent that takes a few classes and it deemed "rehabilitated". I have a deep respect for anyone that does foster to adopt (and we may do it in the near future) but it is not easy. And international adoption costs are very high, most starting at $30,000. Unless you are in a position to adopt a child that is severely disabled then the costs will be lower. To adopt domestically is, on average, $20,000. Even after spending all of that there is not guarantee that you will bring a baby home. You can support a birth mother financially during the pregnancy, pay her medical costs and she can still change her mind. I know as it happened to us. When it is over you are left without a child or the money to try again. And if you want to get technical these mothers are getting "paid" for their child. How is this any different than paying a woman to be surrogate. Fertility treatments can be just as expensive yet you do not have someone deciding whether or not you get to leave the hospital with your child. This is the route that we will be taking next. It is with much prayer and counsel that led us to this decision and there is no scripture stating that this is wrong. It is easy to say God opens and shuts a woman's womb, but in reality disease does that as well. I don't see God having a problem with me using a dr to help the eggs in my ovaries bypass the tubes (that are blocked by a disease) and place it into my uterus. Just as God would not have a problem with me using a ventilator to keep me alive even though he is in charge of life and death.
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