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  1. yeah i read that stuff that you posted from Joshua's book on ur xanga, thanks for the passage!!! it answered prayers(somewhat!!) she explained what i tried to a whole lot better :mrgreen:
  2. well, i'm not exactly sure how i believe all the way, but i'll give my beliefs that i have. I agree with what i've read of Joshua Harris' book, I Kissed Dating Goodbye. He puts the emphasis on giving God the glory. When we start sayin, okay i will do this i won't do this, i will go there, i won't go there, we start puttin rules in front of God. Now i agree with everybody, there must be standards. But when you say, i will not consider datin till i'm this old, i will not date this type of person, i must be supervised on dates, and i must abide by men's rules, you choke out a great possibility of God givin you His girl or guy. this has recently happened with me, and has opened up a can of emotions that i've held from girls, because it was "wrong to like a girl at my age." Maybe i like her, and maybe i don't i don't really know, but i have natural feelins towards her. How far i let these feeling progress, since she isn't saved, is up to me. I have a feelin she'll be saved, and when she does, i wouldn't mind dating her. i'm sry but yeah i said i might date her. This sitution is the same as with many other situations in the church today. You can go legalist (as i was) and say dating is wrong and i'm not gonna do it. ha thats funny because God never really labeled dating wrong in the Bible. can you date without lust, which is wrong in the Bible, of course. Can you date without premarital sex, as is termed unpure? Of course. the questions resides on our opinion of pure. If you can show me a scripture in context of pure meaning not kissing, sure i'll believe you. but we major too much on the minors. YOU CAN BE SOUTHERN BAPTIST AND STILL BE FUNDAMENTAL!! fundamentalism is defined as the belief in the 7 fundamental doctrines. SO, if i date does that make me not a fundamental, of course not. most of all, i believe we should seek God's guidance on our situation. One of my hero's, Billy Sunday, didn't necessarily get his "convictions" from another person, like so many legalists today. He got his convictions from His God....And oh my he wasn't even Baptist. What i'm tryin to say is that God will take care of us, guidelines are good to have, but don't let them shut God off. God can do anything He wants to!!
  3. well, first of all, think about it. I used to date also, but igave it up. How much time do u spend thinking about this person. I mean she sounds like she is truly sincere about her sin. so u forgive her. But DATING at 16????? Is it worth it. It isn't to me
  4. I play in a band with some guys from church. I play the banjo, guitar, and mandolin. I also play the Tenor sax in band. I am messing around with the coronet. I love to play music, especially my banjo.
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