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  1. Ok this is a prayer request plus some questions. Please pray for us. We are going through a hard time.Here is the situation. I finally found the jOB of my dreams or so I thought. I worked in a Christian preschool with Christian people. It was great. We opened up the new center and things were going well at first. I got my first paycheck (I hadnt been paid in 8 weeks) and I was excited. The director said she only got so much money and had to divide it between 11 people. OK that meant everyone got the same amount which was fair.Then I was talking to some of my friends and found out that they got paid for more hours then me and I was there longer then them. I was paid for 40 hours and they were paid for 80. I was so mad. I talked to my hubby about it and he wasnt happy. Then my friends got mad because they thought I deserved more money then them because I worked there longer.I have been writing down my hours and I know how much she owes me. Come to find out she hasnt been paying the other girls either. One girl got paid today and the other didnt. My hubby said I will get ALL of my money. He is going down there to talk to her. Well I turned in my 2 weeks notice last week. I have been sick this week and I found out that the director and her daughter had been talking about me saying "yeah we talked about that over the weekend and we knew she wouldnt come back." I put in for another jOB at another preschool. The other preschool is run by lesbians(yes I applied there before but the day of the interview Jacki called me and said the new center was opened so I went to work for her). My hubby said he knows some people that works for the lesbians and said they are so nice and will treat you nice. At least its a paycheck. Any advice? Now for the questions. 1. Should I file for unemployment? 2. Should I call the labor board on her? 3. Can/Should a Christian sue a Christian? 4. Is it right for a Christian to work with lesbians? Please pray that we make the right decision.
  2. They do help with the visitation. They are active in the church.
  3. You asked me Why does your friend know about this ? Because the man that was dying was a close friend of hers and the deacon is her husband. The preacher would also brush her husband off when he would see a problem in the church and report it to the preacher. Its like the preacher doesnt care anymore. And on visiting the people who are sick, well the preacher is retired from his job and has the time to visit but with some people he doesnt. My friend and her husband is just confused about some of the things their preacher does. Like she told me its like- thats his church and no one elses. He does what he wants. And when her husband makes a suggestion he acts like the deacon isnt there, but if some else makes the same suggestion he will say we will pray about it. They feel like they dont belong there anymore but the Lord told them to stay.
  4. She attends that church where this is taking place. She asked me what to do. I told her to pray about it.
  5. I told her your advice and she said that sadly the preacher and his wife is the problem. She said they pet some people and ignore others. For instance. One of the members at church was real sick and was dying. The preacher didnt visit him for months. He had to beg the preacher to come see him. Another member was sick and in the hospital and the preacher went and saw her. When the deacon said something about a situation in the church the preacher just smiled and brushed him off. They keep praying about it. They dont understand why they are there.
  6. I praise Him for answering our prayers about Chris and for healing him. I also praise him for answering my prayer about my job. I am thankful for family,friends, for being there for us through this difficult time.
  7. Praising God for answering prayers about my job. I was getting ready for my interview when Jacki calls me and said she is getting ready to open back up. I am staying with her. I wouldn't like the other place anyway. I found out that the other day care was run by lesbians.
  8. OK I have another interview today at 9:30. I am so nervous.
  9. Well, I didnt get the call, so I guess I didnt get it. That is ok because I know God has a better job for me. I am going to turn in this other application today and see what happens.
  10. Well I didnt go to the first one because I heard some things about that center. I had an interview today and I am just waiting for them to call me back. I also went and got other applications to fill out. I will keep you informed.
  11. OK I have a friend and she doesnt know what to do? The situation is her and her husband go to this church and they have been members for a long time but they are not happy there. They have been praying but the Lord told them to stay at that church. They want to know what to do. They are very unhappy there but they want to do Gods will.
  12. I have an interview Thursday @ 9:30. Please pray. Thanks.
  13. Sounds nice. I will be for you. for souls to be saved.
  14. I would appreciate it if you would prayer for me. I went today and turned in resumes and filled out applications. I had several positive responses. Thanks.
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