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  1. Happy Fourth of July!!!!!!!
  2. I'm in Des Monies...quite the interesting place...
  3. Incidentally pastorrvbc, I like your daugther's name It's very similar to mine.
  4. Exactly...Missions, Soulwinning, Thithing, Pulpits...???
  5. Today is the day I will be traveling up, all roads are marked as green or "clear" from here all the way up. Starting out in 5 hours or so from now thanks for your prayers in advance.
  6. I am not a big fan of White, my car stays pretty clean itself It's teal and purple and some other color too.
  7. Looks like you like White vehicles.
  8. Our roads were cleared pretty quick we live 4 or so blocks from one of the biggest MoDOT hubs in the state.
  9. Mine is still sitting in my parents backyard. Can't drive it more than 10 miles at a time but that bad kid still runs at 300,000 miles and the one of the only things wrong with it is a bad radiator. My dad still drives it around town in times like today when we have 1.5 feet of snow on the ground. It's our only vehicle with 4WD.
  10. My dad looked at the IDOT website and negated travel for tomorrow, that's ok, the school changed official move in day to Saturday in lieu of the weather.
  11. Well it looks like we will be traveling on Saturday. A bunch of roads are impassable...
  12. Whooohooo sitting on about 1.5 ft of snow right now...some huge drifts too.
  13. Mine was a 87 Subaru GL That car was amazing.
  14. My best friend is going too and she is also from MO. lol...I don't know if they are ready for us.
  15. Thanks Everyone your prayers are especially appreciated. Just spoke with my preacher on the phone and he was encouraging me not to be afraid, that God will provide all my needs.
  16. It saves a lot of scrolling time I think
  17. Bro. Jerry, I have had trust issues in the past but I have learned personally to smother every friendship or aquaintance I have with prayer. I would have never been guided to my best friend had God not guided me to her and told me to trust her.
  18. Oh...well I didn't know about that draft thing that trc talked about until this past week...now I know about this...I am just learning all kinds of things...maybe I'll learn how to use my cell phone now...it's complicated...
  19. I say it both ways but most of the time I say Twenty Ten
  20. Friday is the day I leave for school, I am pretty nervous. I want everything to be done to the glory of God. I will need to get a jOB once I get there. Additionally, there is a huge snow storm hitting tomorrow and Thursday. I would ask that you would pray for traveling mercies, as I travel up on Friday morning.
  21. I just want to thank the Lord for his blessings each day. He gives me much more than I deserve and ever would expect from even my closest friend had they the power. God is so good to us.
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