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  1. It's been highs of 5 here lately....Brother Jerry, right now it is 8. A all time high for the week! We get weather just like Iowa where I live in Missouri...so I guess I'll be right at home up there.
  2. Don't remind me...Class starts on Tues.. :coolsmiley:
  3. Hello everyone, home from my short time away from OB...well I got to be on here for short stays some. But I'm back and then back into hiding for the semester starting on Friday.
  4. I was just thinking...wait a minute wasn't it always EST?
  5. Don't like Coffee...I'm allergic to milk so no Hot Cocoa... So Tea it is!! With some nice Amish produced Honey in it!!
  6. :icon_mrgreen::icon_mrgreen::icon_mrgreen::icon_mrgreen::icon_mrgreen:
  7. You need to read updates...TRC hahahah hee hee hee
  8. Is quickreply going to be turned back on?? :thumb:
  9. My last post of the year...EST...that is...
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