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  1. Ban Germany because the last time I banned someone, this person wasn't playing. :duh
  2. Ban Mikado for having the name of a really great musical
  3. Well, I wasn't looking for a husband OR a relationship when I got involved with this guy. Before him, I was TOTALLY planning on being single for the rest of my life lol :loco (strange for a Christian young woman, I know-- oh and it wasn't bc I felt called to be single or anything-- dating just didn't interest me) And I'm not looking now either-- one valuable lesson that I've learned from all this that I know I probably wouldn't have any other way is that you can be completely satisfied with God as the only "Man" in your life. His love is very VERY satisfying :duh
  4. This was a lesson I learned the hard way.... I let my heart get involved with this guy, and then got so focused on us that I stopped focusing on God. My life got turned upside down, and my heart? Yeah, it's STILL healing. But as far as my relationship with God goes? I've learned my lesson, and I'm doing my best to make Him the absolute most important person in my life. I try to seek His will in everything that I do. :amen:
  5. Well... I have 3 prayer requests. The first is for my uncle. Almost 2 weeks ago (you might have heard about it in the news), my uncle was in a horrible bus accident where the bus rolled several times (they were going down a windy mountain road). He's okay physically now, but emotionally, he's still a mess. He found several of his closest friends dead by the wreckage, and he's still dealing with the grief (as he's recovering from several broken bones). Please pray for the comfort of God for him.... The second is for my mom. She was laid off just before Thanksgiving, and even though she's b
  6. Ban Katie for assuming that bc Madeline doesn't know what strange meals are, then she must have never eaten them :cool
  7. Ban Madeline for being in a place where it's sooo wet :badday:
  8. Ban whoever is above this bc 3 posts showed up when I pushed the reply button, meaning that i have no idea who I'm going to be banning!!!!!
  9. Ban Madeline for calling me katie lolol :Green
  10. Ban Katie for thinking that it's warm in Tennessee lol
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