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  1. Ban Germany because the last time I banned someone, this person wasn't playing. :duh
  2. Ban Mikado for having the name of a really great musical
  3. Ban Katie for assuming that bc Madeline doesn't know what strange meals are, then she must have never eaten them :cool
  4. Ban Madeline for being in a place where it's sooo wet :badday:
  5. Ban whoever is above this bc 3 posts showed up when I pushed the reply button, meaning that i have no idea who I'm going to be banning!!!!!
  6. Ban Madeline for calling me katie lolol :Green
  7. Ban Katie for thinking that it's warm in Tennessee lol
  8. Ban Jerry for dissing the banning game so much, yet still participating in it. :loco
  9. Ban John for noticing that I noticed that I noticed. :Bleh
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