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  1. im re opening this forum because i have something to say. while iwas away some things have happened that has made me change my mind. we believed 95% of what our church did.but because we didnt believe the other 5 % we were pretty much,pushed,or kicked out of our church(yes the one where PAstor Robinson is the pastor.)my dad was taken off the preaching list and fired,my mom and I were taken of both nursery and cleaning lists.people didnt want to speak to us...it was clear we were not wanted there. We havent gone to church since.i begged my mom to let me go at least on easter...but i could
  2. you cant see it in that pic but i have a signture when i draw people. around the girls neck is a necklace. and its always in my drawings of people.i always where the same necklace.weird i know lol
  3. yah i had to take the pic with my cell phone. heres an anime...mind you i havent done anime in forever [url=http://imageshack.us][img]http://img207.imageshack.us/img207/3192/anime2if6.jpg[/img][/url]
  4. that is very good!i use to draw anime but i prefer drawing portraits of people.i dont have any but i have this. [url=http://imageshack.us][img]http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/659/polarbearqk2.png[/img][/url]
  5. i find that i agree with him more than i disagree.all you may believe differently but i believe in alot of his things that he teachs from the bible.my sister,brother,cousins,and my sisters fiance goes there.everyone in my church has either gone,will go,or is going.and i believe God is calling me to study there before i go to Malawi Africa.i have heard that people that go to PBI last the longest out in the field because Dr Ruckman is hard on them PREPARING them for the troubles ahead.i dont want to fail in the field...most of you will say"God will not let you fail" but God helps most the time..
  6. I do not approve of the way Dr. Ruckman treats others.my GRANDPARENTS heard him preach and because of his horrid message they didnt get saved till 12 years later...and yet i am going to his bibe college next year.there are many things i do not agree with of his...but you rarely find anyone you will completely agree with!my parents taught me you have to pick the right apples out of a carton full of bad ones.but dont pick a bad apple its grim will stick a longggg time.i can assure you i will not become like doctor ruckman.but he does have good doctrine mixed in and i will pick it out.(everyone s
  7. 100% Alaskan!!!!! i live in north pole Alaska to be exact...haha yes i know santa personally no im not an elf:Pand no i dont live in an igloo.
  8. I want to know what everyones views are on this college.i plan on going next year.right now my two cousins,brother,and sister and her fiance are going there and honestly i can hardly wait to go because i love to study the Bible.theres alot of truth in Dr. Ruckmans stuff but there are some things that arent true(no ones perfect)such as they teach a gap theory which i do not believe in. right now im going to north star bible institute.which teaches the exact same stuff but not as many classes.so im also wondering what you alls think i should do.stay home and keep going to NSBI or go to PBI? i co
  9. I play piano,guitar,violin,bagpipes,and recorder...i love piano best.ive taught myself all of these insturments tho after five years of teaching myself and others piano i finally have lessons. :lol:
  10. piano,a month of lessons,tought myself since,i luv piano soooo... much i just wish i could afford lesson lets see here guitar,a while ive forgotten most of it...and recorder,i tought myself...again.lol
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