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  1. Looks like the Muslims are feeding the troll. If someone were burning a Bible next to me, I probably wouldn't appreciate it all that much. But loss of appreciation is about as far as I will go. It's obvious what the motive is for these religious trolls (Jones, Phelps, etc...)- provocation. The best way to win is just to let them do their thing, respect their rights, and ignore them.
  2. If I ever got two dogs, I would seriously consider naming them Hophni and Phinehas.
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5FF5vnqUfw - Father of 9 year old killed asks for no gun control as a result of the shooting. - And the citizen that held the shooter until police arrived was ARMED, with hand on gun, and safety off. He said he would have shot him if he wasn't already subdued. He also told Ed a thing or two about gun control .
  4. His actions have not resulted in deaths, nor was his intent or reason to cause injury to the US. It was the exact opposite. He exposed to the people a crime that had been committed by the military and hidden by the government. Journalists were shot and killed, innocent people attempting to come to the aid of the people shot were also shot and killed, and a car with two children was shot up with both children being injured. That's not something the government wants released, but if it's happening, I want to know about it. He may have released information to the press, and it's the military's
  5. Avast is free for home use. You just need to register for a free account and they will email you a product key for activation.
  6. The July 2007 airstrike video that Manning allegedly released showed the murder of Iraqi civilians and journalists. He acted not out of treason, but because he saw a warcrime and blew the whistle to the public. Manning is a political prisoner. No foreign power or enemy gained from what he released, it was meant to expose to the People the acts that the government doesn't want us to see. We the People gain from what he released because we are given a glimpse into the truth of our foreign relations and the result of our foreign policy. If he had released classified information to China to weaken
  7. Ironically, if you think about it, the human race would have never seen a third generation without committing incest. So maybe we are in the first days...
  8. I don't believe a secular free government can restrict incest between two (or more) consenting people any more than it can restrict polygamy or homosexuality; they are all moral matters. In the interest of making the government more secular, incest might be legalized just as homosexuality is. But in the interest of public health, our socialist government will prOBably not permit it any time soon.
  9. Homosexuality wasn't the exclusive reason that Sodom and Gomorrah (and surrounding cities) were destroyed, but it was one of them that were explicitly mentioned by description and example.
  10. I will pray that it is removed, and replaced with common sense. Government is looking at this all wrong. There's no such thing as "gay rights" just like there's no such thing as "secular marriage". People don't have collective rights, we have individual rights. And marriage is not a union by government, it's a union by God- that makes it 'religious'. Government has no business getting involved in religious affairs. I propose something very simple: Stop requiring government to define, establish, and regulate marriage. If it wants to start making it's own secular 'civil union' thing for legal
  11. All the focus seems to be on Assange and WikiLeaks. But that is not acceptable since their position is that of a free press. Some people are saying focus the blame on the individual(s) that leaked the info. That's a turn in a better direction (after all, how does an Army private gain access to so much information?), but it's still not looking into the root of the prOBlem. The root of the prOBlem is a government that is too involved in the affairs of foreign countries. And when those affairs come to light, the government is ashamed. But instead of looking into what it is that they are ashamed a
  12. Chev has a good point. We separate men from women OBviously because the two are (for the most part) attracted to one another and can cause a disruption if they were to share certain facilities. Does this mean men and women will be integrated? It's certainly an argument I've never thought about. However, with that said, I highly doubt that if DADT is repealed that we will have even a minor increase in sexually disruptive behavior- the military doesn't tolerate it for straights, they certainly won't tolerate it for gays.
  13. Wikileaks is a free press. The government cannot legally interfere. But private corporations that do will face the wrath of consumers that don't appreciate them taking a stand against the free press. I find it strange that so many conservatives can't recognize that free press is absolutely required in order for us to be a free people. I also find it strange that so many conservatives are ignorant when it comes to understanding the difference between a journalist and a traitor. Even if Assange was a US Citizen (he's not, thus it's impossible for him to be a traitor), and WikiLeaks was a phys
  14. I'm a libertarian, so I believe people should be free to control their own lives without the government telling people what to do, and that includes telling them whether or not they can be gay. However, everyone knows that when you join the military, you are agreeing to be shaped by the military into the killing machine that they desire. So if the military is for DADT because gays make bad soldiers, then so be it. On the flip side, if the military ever determined that Christians make bad soldiers (which is far from the truth), and prohibited them from enlisting, I would have to accept that as
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