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  1. Looks like the Muslims are feeding the troll. If someone were burning a Bible next to me, I probably wouldn't appreciate it all that much. But loss of appreciation is about as far as I will go. It's obvious what the motive is for these religious trolls (Jones, Phelps, etc...)- provocation. The best way to win is just to let them do their thing, respect their rights, and ignore them.
  2. If I ever got two dogs, I would seriously consider naming them Hophni and Phinehas.
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5FF5vnqUfw - Father of 9 year old killed asks for no gun control as a result of the shooting. - And the citizen that held the shooter until police arrived was ARMED, with hand on gun, and safety off. He said he would have shot him if he wasn't already subdued. He also told Ed a thing or two about gun control .
  4. His actions have not resulted in deaths, nor was his intent or reason to cause injury to the US. It was the exact opposite. He exposed to the people a crime that had been committed by the military and hidden by the government. Journalists were shot and killed, innocent people attempting to come to the aid of the people shot were also shot and killed, and a car with two children was shot up with both children being injured. That's not something the government wants released, but if it's happening, I want to know about it. He may have released information to the press, and it's the military's job to keep classified information classified (to the point of punishing those who do it), there's no question about that. But the government is attempting to punish him (and others) AT THE EXPENSE of the People- and that is the problem that I have with this whole thing. He saw what he thought was a war crime, he released evidence of that war crime to the media, now he is being punished. When you take the Oath of Enlistment, you first swear your loyalty to defend the Constitution. They specifically worded it this way so as to make it clear that the People are in charge, and only in the service to the People through protecting the Constitution can you obey the President and commanders over you. When you sign up for the military, you sign away you rights- but you should never sign away your loyalty to the People. I would hope that any member of the armed services, when faced with the choice of being loyal to the military or to the People, would chose the People without a moments thought. Manning did this- exposing the government to the truths that it did not want its people to know about. And now, amazingly, some sheeple are calling for him to be hanged.
  5. The July 2007 airstrike video that Manning allegedly released showed the murder of Iraqi civilians and journalists. He acted not out of treason, but because he saw a warcrime and blew the whistle to the public. Manning is a political prisoner. No foreign power or enemy gained from what he released, it was meant to expose to the People the acts that the government doesn't want us to see. We the People gain from what he released because we are given a glimpse into the truth of our foreign relations and the result of our foreign policy. If he had released classified information to China to weaken our position and increase theirs, I would be in support of seeing him go on trial for treason. But what Manning did, he did for us- so that more young people wouldn't have to go through what you went through (or worse) in a pointless, illegal, unsustainable, unwinable war. He will have to face the consequences for his actions, yes, but any punishment on him is punishment on us. I am in support of seeing Manning released and all attempts at bringing a case against Assange dropped immediately.
  6. Kubel


    What should I think about ? <_<
  7. Kubel


    The psychological damage of stopping a threat against you or your loved one is far less than severe bodily injury, sexual assault, or death which justified the use of force. And I see nothing unladylike about a woman packing a Ruger LCP with a Crimson Trace in her purse. I don't see anything manly about it either. It's just a tool that the People (man and woman like) have a right to keep and bear, for their own protection, and for the defense of their state and country. I carry a Walther PPS 9mm along with a Ruger LCP .380 as a backup. For plinking, I have a Ruger 10/22 rifle. And for zombie apocalypse, I have a Sig 556 (guns are expensive, and I don't have a lot of money- but I think it's every citizens duty to be prepared for just such an event). B)
  8. Good example. I would have to agree. Cremation, unless it's practice is for pagan or disrespectful purposes (which it is not), is entirely a personal preference. In my opinion, preaching against personal preferences (where there is no scripture to back it) is 'religion'. I'm not a big fan of religion.
  9. You have failed to convince me. None of those verses condemn cremation. The holy grail of anti-cremationites use Amos 2:1 and say it is condemning cremation. That is like saying Genesis 38:9 condemns birth control. Amos 2:1 wasn't talking about the method of cremation, it was talking about the callous way in which they destroyed his body. Just like Genesis 38 wasn't talking about a method of birth control, it was talking about going against Gods wishes by not fathering his brothers child. Cremation, at least in our culture, is not a method of disrespecting the dead and it is not a pagan ritual. So I just don't see why people are against it.
  10. Oh, come on Jerry. We can discuss things in a civilized manner without resorting to straw man attacks, can't we? I don't think you misunderstood my view, I think you misrepresented it. And that's wrong. But just in case I wasn't clear, I was saying that preaching what the Bible does not say about a topic is "man-made opinion". It's something I find even baptists doing all too often. I know this is exactly what the OP wanted to avoid, but I challenge you to show me anywhere in the Bible that discusses cremation, much less condemns it. Just because cremation wasn't commonly practiced doesn't mean it's forbidden or in any way wrong. If you want to be buried because there are examples of people being buried, that's cool. But preaching against cremation is religion (unless of course the cremation the preacher is preaching against is in the context of some pagan ritual). Here's something I hope we both can agree upon, if nothing else: Instead of preaching against cremation, a topic that the Bible is silent about, why not preach on the topic of being buried. There's plenty of scripture to that topic.
  11. Cremation- Worth preaching on? In my mind, that's like preaching on whether you throw away your newspapers or use them to light up the fireplace. It's almost completely irrelevant. I can see if this were another culture where cremation was tied to some pagan practice- but here it's not. Some people might grasp at straws and suggest that people should be buried as a testimony to their future resurrection, but one could also preach that they want to be burnt up as a testimony to Gods almighty power (to piece us back together molecule by molecule). So in the end, if there can be any good that can come from a sermon of this topic, I'm all for it. Otherwise it sounds like it would be nothing more than a bunch of man-made opinion.
  12. Kubel

    Bible Program

    I bring eSword with me to church on my T91MT.
  13. Romans 14:5 One man esteemeth one day above another: another esteemeth every day alike. Let every man be fully persuaded?? in his own mind. I think there's plenty of scriptural support for how the tradition of Sunday worship started, but I find no scripture commanding one day over another to be established as a day of worship. Christ is worthy of every day to be his day of worship. Why should one day matter over another? Fighting over Sunday vs Saturday (or any other day of the week) is like road crews fighting over which single pothole to patch in Michigan. There's plenty to choose from, fill the pothole (or potholes) you feel you can and should fill. :)
  14. I use http://www.opendns.com (free, works on entire network, but one needs to be somewhat computer literate to set it up correctly). Simply sign up, select the filtering you want, change your DNS settings to and on your router, and it will block the content at the DNS level for your entire network- even for those that bring laptops over and use your wireless (or neighbors that steal it). No changes are needed on any of the computers (no software needed), since the DNS settings are retrieved from the router, and the router retreives DNS information from OpenDNS, which filters it). It's not bullet proof. As I said, it relies on filtering at the DNS level, so if someone knew the IP address of a naughty site (who does?) or someone knows how to override DNS settings (most users users wouldn't figure it out, much less know how to change them, and what to change them to), then it doesn't filter at all. But I suppose those that know their way around a computer like that could easily defeat pretty much any filter. Also, if you have a dynamic IP address, you will need a dynamic DNS updater like No-IP- or else when your IP address changes, OpenDNS won't know who you are and can't apply your filter settings.

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