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  1. I know alot of kids in my grade who drink alcohol. The usual rationale for doing so is that it helps them relax or have fun. I even had one guy tell me that it helps settle his stomach. Mostly though they drink to feel like adults. They think they can just "drink responsibly", but they don't stop at a couple of drinks. They're just not responsiblke enough. They're not adults, they're just teenagers. I never felt the need to drink because I can have fun and retain my decision making abilities at the same time. That, and I never really saw the point. I'll stick to my chocolate milk th
  2. I don't know if I'd trust private schools. Kis strongest influence is their peers, and even good schools can have bad kids. Plus I think parents should raise their kids, not teachers.
  3. Is it okay to send your children to a Christian Private school if you will not have enugh time to homeschool?
  4. Because homeschooled kids are more "sheltered" than public school kids, how do you make sure that they'll adjust to the real world and keep their values?
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