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  1. Thanks! :) I try to pop in every few years ;) aw okay..... :( thank you!
  2. Hey all, I know I don't have much to say since I have been pretty absent for....a few years but John81 was one of the people I called my friend on this site and I've been wondering about his absence as well.....this thread is a little old but has anyone been able to contact him or anything?
  3. Ban John because now I don't remember what the topic was lol
  4. Ban Salyan for not realizing I was speaking of the previous ban :-P
  5. Ban John because I had to ban her for something she was the last ban!
  6. Ban John for banning appearances! :-P And thank you, Sarah! :-)
  7. Ban Sarah for no good reason cuz I don't have a good reason! lol
  8. Ban John because I didn't know anything was about to explode!!! *looks around anxiously*
  9. Ban John for recognizing one of my faults! (Though I really do admit to enjoying a good sneak now and then :-P )
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