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  1. Hey! When was your birthday??? I hope it was a great day!!!

    1. Crushmaster


      It was yesterday. :-) Thanks.

  2. Sometimes the goodness of God towards me is positively overwhelming.

  3. Hey, Seth! How are ya? :-)

    1. Seth Doty

      Seth Doty

      Doing very well thank you. :)

    2. SarahStrawberry


      Glad to hear it. :)

    3. SarahStrawberry


      Haha Sorry it took so long for me to reply. I thought it would notify me some way whenever you replied so I was waiting for a notification! lol

  4. "But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ." II Cor 11:3 One of my favorites.

  5. Guess I'll finally go to bed ... two hours after I said that originally. lol Might still be able to squeeze in 7 hours! :-D G'nite!

  6. Haha! No! I called the conversation annoying. :-) I'll tell you what I do find annoying though....the big, fat, gray ZERO next to my name. I think you should randomly like one of my posts so it can at least be a one just so long as it's green and not gray. :-P

  7. I guess. But they can be annoying too. ;-)

  8. Oops! I think my computer clicks twice sometimes...hence an occasional double post. lol I have a dinosaur that masquerades as a laptop. :-P As for again, maybe I'm referring to all of the circles you, John, and I have run around in some of those games. lol

  9. Now we're running around in circles! Let's not start that again! lol!

  10. Now we're running around in circles! Let's not start that again! lol!

  11. Haha! I took it as one. :-P

  12. What??? My smileys?? :-P

  13. Yes! lol My family and friends are always telling me/teasing me about that! lol

  14. It was my jOB to tell you that you're a dork? :-P

  15. LoL Yeah. That was funny to see it in the status feed. :-P

  16. Actually I'm not sure exactly how far Lincoln would be from you. lol Yes, I'm in good old NE. :-P Hey, are you on fb?

  17. LoL That's true, it has been a few years. :-) Cooly. :-)

  18. Nope. Seems I didn't make myself clear at some point. lol That's where I'm from but I haven't lived in Dayton for 16 years. :-) Where are you going these days?

  19. Pretty good here too. :-) Well I got drawn back in by an interesting topic and now I'm trying to get back into the swing of things here at OB. :-P

  20. Hey Brandon! It's been awhile! How are you?

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