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  1. Slow-smoked pork barbecue (is there any other kind?), with homemade fries, baked beans, and salad. A little bit of the South here in Iowa. I even conjured a mustard-based sauce and a vinegar-based sauce. Yummy! Since we were having guests, I also prepared the glorified ketchup most of the world calls barbecue sauce. Nothing left over.
  2. "Lodge," in the sense being used here, has the connotation of clubhouse or meeting place.
  3. Nothing (I had a really big lunch)
  4. Chicken pot pie. Normally pretty good, but last night's was absolutely outstanding! My wife claims she didn't do anything differently, so maybe I was just in the right mood for it.
  5. Brunswick Stew! (finally got the recipe right)
  6. The tone of this thread has turned sour, and therefore locked.
  7. What's your definition of "backslider"? If the "backslider" was genuinely saved at one point, why wouldn't a "faithful pastor" re-assure the backslider of his salvation, and then encourage the backslider to get right with God? That is, unless you don't belief in the Biblical doctrine of eternal security ...
  8. The Navy (never again volunteer yourself) lives off acronyms. In fact, it has a dictionary of naval abbreviations (DICNAVABB). Many of the Navy acronyms (sailor talk) can't be repeated here, but with three adult children who text like there's no tomorrow, here's what I've learned so far ... BTW - by the way ROFL - rolling on the floor laughing YMMV - your mileage may vary (you might have a different experience/opinion) FWIW - for what it's worth BBF - best friends forever IMHO - in my humble opinion IOW - in other words MYOB - mind your own business AFAIK - as far as I know BRB - be
  9. Gettin' hammered by the snow!

  10. I’m sure we’re all well aware that context means everything. It seems there are two debates going on here: one is whether “baptizo” means “immersion” everywhere it appears in the New Testament, and the second is whether different forms of baptism are equally valid. To answer the first point, I used Strong’s Concordance in SwordSearcher and found the following: So, it would seem that the word “baptizo” does mean “immerse” in the New Testament. Immersed in what medium is determined by the context. However, all the different “baptisms” (i.e., washings) in the Old Testament tabernacle/temple w
  11. I will remind you that this is a Baptist forum, and presenting false doctrine such as this will not be tolerated. You have gone beyond simple discussion to declaring Scriptural doctrine wrong. You choose to believe that the shed blood of Christ is not sufficient to provide salvation; you believe there is something else that you must do to ensure your salvation. There is nothing we can do to earn it nor keep it, other than repentence. Anyone can choose to be wrong. And you have been warned before about spreading your non-Scriptural doctrines on this forum before. I suggest you move on. BTW, w
  12. The Faith Promise program is an administrative tool that helps individual churches determine what their missionary budgets will be in an upcoming year. Then the church can make decisions about whether they can add, cut, or maintain the missionaries they're supporting. Wise churches won't budget the entire amount pledged, knowing that some members may move away and others may not simply have the money all the time. But the pledges still give churches an idea of what to expect. Likewise, the giver is promising God that he/she will give a certain amount of money specifically toward missions
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