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  1. Also, I want to ask you again, from what position are you asking these questions? What specifically are your beliefs? Your failure to answer me so far is causing me to think you are a troll.
  2. Are you a believer, and if so, what position are you coming at these questions from? I can't help you until you help me. If I don't know how to frame my answers, we'll be talking past each other.
  3. 1. They are unsaved. JW's don't even pretend to be Christian. The concept of not inviting false teachers into one's home has a direct correlation to false teachers who claim to be Christians. Not merely with false teachers bringing a new religion. 2. I agree, we shouldn't be gleefully chasing them off. We should be witnessing to them with gentleness and respect. The Gospel is offensive enough as it is, we shouldn't make it any more offensive.
  4. Do you allow unsaved people in your house?
  5. They never come around in my neighborhood. :sad I'm disappointed.
  6. It's a shame that you're right about this Madeline. Which is the reason that I am heavily devoted to helping provide good, accurate, apologetics arguments for people via the internet. Whether it involves providing links to websites, recommending good books, or writing articles. I want Christians to be able to defend the faith against attacks from the false religions. Christians need to be educated in the Bible first and foremost, and in apologetics as well. I'm also working on a toolbar that will help with that. :Green
  7. I have no problem inviting unsaved people into my house and showing them a little hospitality. I will not however wish them "Godspeed" or such. But I will give them the truth. I study cults and false religions regularly. Unfortunately, they never come around. :sad
  8. The holy kiss is not for members of the opposite sex to exchange. :wink
  9. Well...the holy kiss was a command right? Given to a church right? So where does that leave us now?
  10. Technically, one could say that the "holy kiss" is a command. :Green
  11. A lot of conservative Mennonites still practice the holy kiss, but not all do so on the lips, many do so on the cheek.
  12. *hugs* Sorry to hear about your church and family situation.
  13. [quote="ServingHim"] What are your favorite broccoli recipes? [/quote] Chicken pot pie. Without the broccoli.
  14. Is it possible for anyone besides me to create such a highly complex and simultaneously disorganized question as I have repeatedly done through the course of the last several questions that I have posted in this incredibly long and yet incredibly interesting thread that is designed merely for the asking of questions(which as we all know is an entirely effective means of entering into debate with others)?
  15. [img]http://www.cosgan.de/smiliegenerator/ablage/166/378.png[/img]
  16. Is it possible that Kevin in his rush to be added to the Christmas list not only forgot to pose his request to be added as a question but forgot the entire purpose of this thread as well and since he forgot the entire purpose of the thread does this not disqualify him from further efforts to amuse, annoy, and otherwise harass members of OB by posting incredibly long run-on questions as I have done?
  17. [quote="IM4given"] [quote="Will"]Realizest thou that thy weakened grammatical structure is indicative of poor habits brought on by years of activities non-conducive to proper English usage in a habitat of non-learning that is irresponsible and irreperable past the age of thirty which naturally is indicative of a problem found only in the jungles of the Amazon among the people of the Tutu tribe which dwell in the middle of the rubber trees that grow only the finest rubber which is of course indicative of the fact that I have just created the absolutely longest run-on question that I've ever ma
  18. [quote="Kayla"] SD [/quote] SAD
  19. [img]http://www.stormfront.org/forum/images/smilies/cop.gif[/img]
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