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  1. ban madeline because it was irrelevant to say that was irrelevant
  2. ban madeline because it is a big word id I can't pronounce it and I can't pronounce irrelevent and like I said above I have Xylophataquieopiaphobia which is the fear of mispronouncing words :haha :nutty :tease: j/k i really don't have it
  3. umm both my youth pastor thought I was 5foot5? I am barely five two and am like wayyyy to skinny for my height so :oops: But yes lets see oh I was the first one to spikk something in their brand new one week old dining room
  4. ban jim because I have Xylophataquieopiaphobia
  5. ya, depending what on Jane Austen
  6. ban jim b/c I know what it means but it is still big
  7. dunno and yes I like some lunch meat coloring
  8. yah exactly so umm another story lets think umm umm umm umm lets see ok well yesterday on the ride home I fell asleep readin gmy book and I was laying in the seat with my head in someones lap so yah -and I have this dream like all the time about Kings Island like all the time and every night before I go- so I had that dream again and they said- I still say I didn't but all 11 of them said I did so- anyway I was in my dream yelling at Brittany trying to get her attention and I was like smacking her arm because she wouldn't look at me and they said I was really yelling her name and slapping her and she kept asking me what I wanted and then they said I yelled at the top of my lungs "Brittany tell them to stop now I have to go to the bathroom" which I don't remember but I guess I did I know I had that dream I am just glad I didn't sya all of my dream out loud!!
  9. :lol: ok wll I umm what one first there are ever so many.....ok well we had the volleyball tournaments and our jv and our varsity played and the varsity ended up winning all the ones we played so we went to the finals so we played volleyball from 1pm to 5:30 and I did that with my broken ribs and I can only take my medicine three days at a time because of the strength so I couldn't take it until that night well if I set down for longer than 5min I am out completely soo but if I am up and about I am soo hyper. so I took them around 6 and was fine until service and I began to get very very tired like I was tellin gmy assistant youth pastor that I would call him daddy and he shall be my daddy so yahh well I had to take it again at about 8:30 and we were supposed to be changing and then going to the new gym either to swim watch the guys play basketball so the last thing I remember is pulling my suitcase out and then one of the girls came in to change for bed and woke me up anat 10:30 and I was laying in my suitcase with my monkey and blanket :? I have no idea what happened but her face was pretty funny when she asked me why I was sleeping in my suitcase
  10. of course well you know whats comingI will tell some tom :lol:
  11. umm lets see do we start in order of how they happened or by the funniest ones?
  12. yayy yayy yayy yayy umm new brothers
  13. hehehe I have some really funny stories for you all
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