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  1. :? :? :? I guess I will star again :? boxing and Engalnd - hehe Boxing day do they still do that?
  2. ban madeline because it was irrelevant to say that was irrelevant
  3. ban madeline because it is a big word id I can't pronounce it and I can't pronounce irrelevent and like I said above I have Xylophataquieopiaphobia which is the fear of mispronouncing words :haha :nutty :tease: j/k i really don't have it
  4. umm both my youth pastor thought I was 5foot5? I am barely five two and am like wayyyy to skinny for my height so :oops: But yes lets see oh I was the first one to spikk something in their brand new one week old dining room
  5. ban jim because I have Xylophataquieopiaphobia
  6. ya, depending what on Jane Austen
  7. ban jim b/c I know what it means but it is still big
  8. dunno and yes I like some lunch meat coloring

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