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  1. Yea, go ahead and close it, right after me! :lol:
  2. Iced Tea (Always have to have iced tea with fried chicken... that is a MUST!)
  3. I agree... It is FINALLY starting to warm up here. It's been below freezing for so long....
  4. [quote] Somebody who is social, to offset my terrible shyness. Somebody who's not afraid to prove everything with the Bible...Who is biblically submissive, yet will get on me if I ever say something silly like my Star-Trek theory of soul sleep currently in the Biblical Issues forum. If I find a lady like that, and she's actually crazy enough to marry me, I'm sure I'll be convinced she's the most beautiful woman in the world regardless of how she looks. Non-issue. [/quote] I agree! We must be alike, lol. ESPECIALLY the part about a girl being crazy enough to marry me... :D
  5. Hey ya'll.. I am a bit new here, but I figgered I would just jump right on in! My name is Billy and I am 16 until July 17th. :wink:
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