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  1. Ban John because no one has banned him in 6 days.
  2. Ban John because I went away to Bible College, graduated, and this thread (and several others in this forum) are still going on!
  3. We had our revival services starting yesterday! While on bus visitation Saturday, another man and I spent a lot of time talking with the parents of one of the teen girls that rides our bus. We invited them to the revival, and they came tonight! During the invitation, the girl's dad went forward and trusted Christ! Please pray that the family will keep coming to church.
  4. John & Brandon, I've been doing great. Thanks for asking! Nice to see you on here; I was wondering how many names I would recognize when I came back, but I see a whole bunch! I'm back at my home church now, just trying to help out and do as much as I can!
  5. After being gone to Bible college for three years, I come back and see that this thread is still going strong! :icon_mrgreen:
  6. The videos of the entire summit are available on the Hyles-Anderson web page for anyone who is interested in watching them. http://hylesanderson.edu/?page_id=2356
  7. Ban ltl because it is perfectly acceptable to use smilies in singles :Bleh
  8. Tomorrow is registration day where I am supposed to be paying the first payment on my tuition. Sometime this past weekend, someone got into my room and took the money that I had for my tuition. Please pray that God will provide the money so that I can register for school tomorrow.
  9. Ban salyan because I have to go back to work tomorrow.
  10. In five (more) minutes, I REALLY AM going to leave the library. :lol:
  11. Who confused who about what when?
  12. In five minutes, I will leave the library and go back home for a little bit.
  13. This is a song I recently wrote. A little boy stands by the street, waiting for a man To take him to a yellow bus, to walk with him hand in hand. He's not asking for much, just some joy and some love. But as that man walks with that boy, he hears a message from above. Someday, that boy will be a man. Someday, he'll find his part in God's master plan. He's got choices to make, but you can show him the path to take. He just needs someone to go and light his way And who knows what he could become, someday. A man stands before the Lord at Christ's judgment seat. He doesn't feel like
  14. My girlfriend is beginning a new job as a fourth grade teacher at a Christian School, and she is trying to come up with ideas to decorate her classroom. She is looking for something that would be appropriate for both boys and girls. Anyone have any ideas
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