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  1. HOw could you ask such a thing?? :shock:
  2. Just thought id let you all know 2 things 1st this is a great day! whoo hoo!! and 2nd.... im winning! so =P :frog
  3. OHH i was like i havnt posted any websites on this site but i gotcha now..... [url]http://www.harvestbaptist-albany.com/Teens.html[/url] any ideas for it... after friday im going to be doing a complete change!
  4. i firmly believe right after i post in here sometime the rapture is going to happen and I will be the winner!! not that Ill care at that point being in heaven and all :sing: but who knows maybe in heaven i will find time to wallow in my victory... but maybe not since that might be just a tad prideful.. :D
  5. Tacos!!!!!!!!! i love Mexican food and i work at a pizza place! icecream in a cone or dish?
  6. if i could do either that would be great!!! but id rather be able to play by ear i think! stuffed up nose or cough?
  7. mouse!! BTW.. good chioce on the last one!! soccer is the best by far! :wink: car or truck??
  8. ice cream! soccer or football?

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