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  1. You make me want to name-guess . Anyway, I believe that there's a possibility of being stuck in the clouds and being too spiritual, which makes you no earthly good. I'm sensing premeditations on your part... :smile
  2. Being raised in a Buddhist family that converted to a Southern Baptist family leaves me very thankful. They taught me that going to church was important. My parents don't go anymore (sigh), but they raise up children that want to go church (amen!). However you want to look at Southern Baptists, I'm glad being raised up as a Baptist helped lead me in the Baptist direction. Makes you wonder how people forsake old convictions for new ones.. (off topic, I believe being compassionate on Baptists and other professing "Bible-believers" wins their heart more effectively than ganging up on them.) I'm thankful for a home that cares about living the Bible even if it's not to the best degree. I got saved two years ago after realizing my testimony was fake. As far as my salvation is concerned, the cause of my false profession was ultimately my fault, not anyone else's. :-)
  3. It's probably better that way :lol:
  4. So yeah, at age 16, I found Jesus-is-Lord.com and started "preaching" to every friend in high school. When I was 18, I started describing myself as an IFB in blogging profiles with too many adjectives to count. Consecutively, I began posting useless and worthless complaints about society and church, how they can't live up to my "new found" convictions. I can't claim that I've abandoned every tendency, but I was pretty much silly . I'm thankful God actively keeps me from getting too fanatical (at least I hope! ;P). But yeah, not only should we avoid being hyper-spiritual, but also we should be godly. Doesn't God say something about being lukewarm? Personal blogs do have a way of bringing out a person's ego. :ooops
  5. Are you implying that you might cook green eggs for me?
  6. Excellent! I've seen their "What Standard?" video and I really appreciate their desire to use the law in witnessing.
  7. Very encouraging post . You've allowed me to understand how important it is to learn things while being single.
  8. Ban Katy-Anne because I need to find an OB addiction :P
  9. Ban Newlife 84 because I average 1.34 posts per day, therefore my post count is oh-so-slow
  10. Ban IM4Given because I fell for the same thing
  11. Ban Jessi for overlooking Herman's ban and my ban
  12. I'm an Arizoniack on the western side of the state, hooray for cacti and farms :sing:
  13. Ban Happy in Him because she needs to go do her homework while I run off to Missions Conference
  14. Ban Happy in Him because it's impossible for no one to ban you at this rate either :lol:
  15. Ban Happy in Him because it's only a good thing when no one bans me :frog
  16. Ban Happy in Him because no one banned her yet
  17. Ban Happy in Him because I've done far worse (like leave my Bible on my car while backing out in the parking lot) :frog
  18. Ban Kathie for wanting to tutor all the guys on math.. ok ok, maybe just V then :)
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