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  1. You just had to post it, didn't ya, I can't make Lasagna, thats way over my head, but I LOVE good Lasgna.
  2. Is it proper for me to rinse rice? I read in a recipe that some do that. I am a novice cook, I can see why some men folk should be banned from the kitchen, but it's that or eat take out every night. Ma will make spaghetti once a month, when the kids come over,,, man it's good,,
  3. For 3 years I was in charge of organizing the Jr. Church Bicycle Ride, I was shocked what all come out of the wood work. I now have Brothers and Sisters invite me to ride with them. I need to be clear, I no longer attend that Church, LONG story, nothing bad about the Church, Just had to move.
  4. I collect AMMO,,, we should get together.....
  5. Cool old forum, where'd the pic's go?
  6. I named mine,,,,Little Bull,,, I need to go wee wode sum boowits
  7. Last night I made dinner for 3. Dead fish, Salmon, Marinated, and I wooped out the steamer, and put in fresh Cauliflower, Broccoli and another green thing(Don't know what it was) IT WAS GREAT! I love steamed veggies. My Communist Grandaughter even liked it.
  8. Hot dogs,,,,,,and chocolate pecan pie. I know, sounds like something you would eat in a survival situation,,,, I like pecan pie, I like chocolate, NOT together!,,, I need a drink of , water, coffee, anything!
  9. Glad to be able to post here, been reading for a long time but unable to post. I did see a batch of Nelson Bibles that had some words changed by a spell checker. Nelson caught the problem and fixed it. Throughly was changed to Thoroughly This changed the meaning There were some others ,,,I forget.
  10. Hey yall, a little book called "The Trail of Blood" quotes all the books and proven history tells the whole story. You can down load a copy off the net.
  11. Here in Utah, our economy has been BOOMING for years since Clinton left office, now since Obama has been elected the whole thing has put on the brakes.
  12. Yah,,,shoots gots hogleg er two, and some real long ones and some in between,, yah, we likes a shoots em..... BANG! :coffee
  13. This is the one I ride to Church, I actually paid for this one, the other two were ,,,, bartered for,,,,,,actually given to me.
  14. My ,,, other,,, not so loaded rig,,,,,
  15. Was that down hill or up hill??
  16. 42 miles from home,,,,,my loaded rig love that Thompson Kayla,,,,
  17. Let see????? Make Coffee Put a bowl of cereal with milk on counter Pray for everything I can think of including the forum and Sisters kids in Florida. Read chapter for Jr. Church Wake up warden Drive to Church @9:30AM 9:25 Run 3 bags of stuff into the door, Unlock other doors, Turn up all the heaters, Set up the Audio System(As per musical numbers in bulletin)(Dress pastor with lapel mic (New Batteries)and fix his tie) 9:45 things start Welcome Mute Pastor, key in Piano,,, Sing Mute Piano Key in Pastor, Excuses to Sunday School(I go stand at the door and greet folks and hand o
  18. Absolutely NOT, it's way too cold this time of year.
  19. Southerner,,, But only because I want to be sure my new firing pin is good.
  20. [quote="IM4given"]5'2" and eyes of blue :eye: :eye:[/quote] :coffee :uuhm: Thats almost 1565 mm
  21. [quote="CowboyPreacher"]6' 5" Why?[/quote] At least I'm still on the chart......
  22. Here is mine, not sure what the icon is........
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