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  1. You just had to post it, didn't ya, I can't make Lasagna, thats way over my head, but I LOVE good Lasgna.
  2. Is it proper for me to rinse rice? I read in a recipe that some do that. I am a novice cook, I can see why some men folk should be banned from the kitchen, but it's that or eat take out every night. Ma will make spaghetti once a month, when the kids come over,,, man it's good,,
  3. For 3 years I was in charge of organizing the Jr. Church Bicycle Ride, I was shocked what all come out of the wood work. I now have Brothers and Sisters invite me to ride with them. I need to be clear, I no longer attend that Church, LONG story, nothing bad about the Church, Just had to move.
  4. I was given a couple journal's for Christmas last year. When the Pastor walks up to the pulpit, and says "turn your Bibles to................" I write the verse, also note a short reminder of his sermon. I keep a journal with my Bible always.
  5. The very week, I become an un-married person, I will be at the Church in all my spare time. I will work my job, I will live as cheep as I can, I will spend all I can on building needs and support missions . Until then my hands are tied
  6. MAMA'S BIBLE Four brothers left home for college, and they became successful doctors and lawyers. One evening, they chatted after having dinner together. They discussed the 95th birthday gifts they were able to give their elderly mother who moved to Florida . The first said, "You know I had a big house built for Mama." The second said, "And I had a large theater built in the house." The third said, "And I had my Mercedes dealer deliver an SL600 to her." The fourth said, "You know how Mama loved reading the Bible and you know she can't read anymore because she can't see very well. I met this preacher who told me about a parrot who could recite the entire Bible. It took ten preachers almost 8 years to teach him. I had to pledge to contribute $50,000 a year for five years to the church, but it was worth it. Mama only has to name the chapter and verse, and the parrot will recite it." The other brothers were impressed. After the celebration Mama sent out her "Thank You" notes. She wrote: Milton , the house you built is so huge that I live in only one room, but I have to clean the whole house. Thanks anyway." "Marvin, I am too old to travel. I stay home; I have my groceries delivered, so I never use the Mercedes. The thought was good. Thanks." "Michael, you gave me an expensive theater with Dolby sound and it can hold 50 people, but all of my friends are dead, I've lost my hearing, and I'm nearly blind. I'll never use it. Thank you for the gesture just the same." "Dearest Melvin, you were the only son to have the good sense to give a little thought to your gift. The chicken was delicious. Thank you so much." Love, Mama
  7. I just don't get it, I am in the public eye day after day, I ask countless people, Catholics, Baptists, Mormons Athiests, all say they support Ron Paul. I get emails from Ron Paul saying how he won this poll, and won that poll,,, yet when ever the news reports, Romney and Newt are on top????????????????????????? I say the election is fixed.
  8. I am just being over excited we all got saved by the one who's birth we celebrate this coming Sunday, JESUS
  9. On actual worthwhile merit I would rank them as: 1. Ron Paul 2. Michele Bachmann 3. Rick Santorum 4. Rick Perry 5. Newt Gingrich 6. Mitt Romney
  10. http://www.brasschecktv.com/videos/defending-civil-liberties/pentagon-provides-military-grade-weapons-to-local-police-.html
  11. http://www.2012presidentialelectionnews.com/2011/12/video-watch-the-entire-abc-newsyahoo-iowa-republican-debate/
  12. The Illuminati(Biderberg Group)(UN)(Anti-Christ) Etc, etc etc ,,,,, Already got the elections fixed, not much we can do. I have seen too much evidence these things are coming, I say the Mormons got it right, they need 2 years of food and ammo storage, we ain't gonna be here. So I got about 2 days worth,,,,,,,,,
  13. Click here: The Donkey Whisperer<http://thehayride.com/2011/08/the-donkey-whisperer/>
  14. I reckon yall otta be able to get recipe outa that Southern lady yall got hitched with... To be honest, I should ask how many of you all ever eat rattle snake, I react to catfish the way most do snake. I know it's a psychological thing, and I want to get over it. Now I own a real nice bass boat, and i know where there is catfish,,but I will need help getting past this fear.
  15. I love sweet potatoes but oddly enough my German/Nevada born and raised wife doesn't! Usually I just bake 'em and then eat 'em.
  16. Cool old forum, where'd the pic's go?
  17. I was like illiterate until I got saved, The Pastor told me to get a KING JAMES BIBLE, thats how I learned to read. Before I got into reading the KING JAMES BIBLE I had a hard time with my job, reading OSHA, and other laws, after using the KING JAMES BIBLE for a couple years I get along just fine reading law books. I got a 1611, fun to read,, and a couple newer 1769 editions, you know with standardized spelling. I was teaching JR church a couple years ago, I whooped out that 1611, they got a kick out of the spelling.
  18. Are there any other LINUX users here? We don't need no stinking virus software,,,,,,, Then again, I am just cheap, I use an old computer with a FREE operating system, and I get my wifes hand me down hardware. I get her old monitors and junk. My Nephew is a computer engineer,,,that heps.
  19. Last night I made dinner for 3. Dead fish, Salmon, Marinated, and I wooped out the steamer, and put in fresh Cauliflower, Broccoli and another green thing(Don't know what it was) IT WAS GREAT! I love steamed veggies. My Communist Grandaughter even liked it.
  20. My wife has an issue with eating fish. She wants to as she knows its good for ya. So I got her these MARINATED SALMON,,,,,frozen. They come in a plastic sucker pack (Redneck lingo). I put em in a pot of water (Frozen) and s l o w l y bring it to a boil. Even my "Fast Food" brain washed Grand Daughter loves em. I share this in hope one of you all will share with me a good "Cat Fish " recipe.
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