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  1. FRESH fruit...... cats or dogs?
  2. grated carrots..... iced water, or iced tea?
  3. I like mulch, but I get pine needles for free because of the neighbors trees! :roll: hmmm..let's see...bacon bits, or croutons? (has this one been asked yet?lol)
  4. Cloth definitely...leather would be ripped by now.... automatic car wash, or do it yourself?
  5. That was my post (the last one) for some reason I was a guest?.....I dunno...really weird... :?
  6. Yes, I have a dog just like that one!! Her name is Ki-Ki Anne..she's 2 1/2 and she's a Yorkshire Terrier. She is SO spoiled though...she's my fur baby..I love her! :oops:
  7. Hi ya Stacey! Isn't it just like the men to want to get taken care of when they have a cold or something!? Ha ha! :lol: I guess I do too though....If I tried that with the bush I have out in front of my house, I think the neighbor hood kids would steal them or smash them or do soething with them.... :?: I don't even think my tree would hold 100 eggs!! Hope you have a good night as well.... :!:
  8. It snowed a little bit here this am (well, the snow was on the ground when I woke up)I will be glad for Spring.... :mrgreen:
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