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  1. That was my post (the last one) for some reason I was a guest?.....I dunno...really weird... :?
  2. Yes, I have a dog just like that one!! Her name is Ki-Ki Anne..she's 2 1/2 and she's a Yorkshire Terrier. She is SO spoiled though...she's my fur baby..I love her! :oops:
  3. Hi ya Stacey! Isn't it just like the men to want to get taken care of when they have a cold or something!? Ha ha! :lol: I guess I do too though....If I tried that with the bush I have out in front of my house, I think the neighbor hood kids would steal them or smash them or do soething with them.... :?: I don't even think my tree would hold 100 eggs!! Hope you have a good night as well.... :!:
  4. It snowed a little bit here this am (well, the snow was on the ground when I woke up)I will be glad for Spring.... :mrgreen:
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