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  1. Most probation officers would accept attendance at RU as a legitimate substitute. He would need to get permission first. The big difference with RU and the secular programs is the difference between sobriety and freedom. Sobriety is not using but still having the desire (in other words your miserable). Freedom is when God removes the desire and you enjoy the joy of the Lord. RU is basically a discipleship program designed to help believers develop a walk with the Lord. Strongholds come in many areas and overeating is certainly one of them. I would not giggle too hard about the folks struggli
  2. That is wonderful news. It is such a blessing to see God work in people's lives. Please encourage your workers to use the RU forums as a resource.
  3. First off I would like to say how grateful I am that OLB has this section of the board. I have stayed away for while in part because of some of the strife and contention in some of the open topics by people who are not IFB's. It is nice to be in a place where you can let your guard down so to speak. I have also very busy at work, church and as the administrator of the RU boards. Both forums are a wonderful place for Christians to fellowship and learn biblical principles from one another. I want to thank Brother Matt for his tremendous support of the Reformers Unanaimous Ministry and I would
  4. I have a family member who was a deacon (still is), church treasurer & SS teacher who declared bankruptcy after his business failed. He eventually paid all his creditors, even though he did not have to. The circumstances that got you there, and what you do after declaring bankruptcy are what should be considered when determining suitability for ministry.
  5. http://www.quackwatch.com is a great site for exposing quacks. There are quite a few chiropractor articles. P.S. Remember I am not a doc named Glen... Mike
  6. Please don't make fun of people with round faces.
  7. A quick rebuttal of their use of Acts 2:38 can be made by comparing ... baptized... ... for the remission of sins... to ...incarcerated... for the commission of crimes... A prisioner is incarcerated because of crimes committed. A Christian is baptized because of sins forgiven. A prisoner does not get incarcerated to commit crimes and a Christian does not get baptized to get sins forgiven. They want "for" to mean in order to accomplish, when its context is because of. Kind of simple but it works.
  8. I believe the taxes paid are paid by the estate and not the beneficiary (US). Best to check with the attorney. If you want your stepmom to receive the benefit then accept the gift and give it to her. Declining the portion may result in it being spread over several individuals as opposed to your stepmom.
  9. Another good site: http://www.exmormon.com
  10. I have a lot of trains (mostly modern era Lionel). Several years ago I built up very large inventory and sold a lot of stuff at train shows and Christmas tree stands. I sold off most of the show stuff after the time committment got to be too much. It is amazing how much someone will pay for a collectible car that is just a hunk of plastic and metal. Best advice is to be patient and decide what you can handle with $$ and space. Buy quality and remember it is just a toy.
  11. AMVETS here is just a few guys here who work out of an office helping vets fill out their paperwork. No lodges, clubs or anything like the VFW are ever promoted. Occasionally they send a truck around looking for old clothes as a fund raiser. They have never asked me to join, or to support with $$. I checked their website and they do have local posts (which I guess would be like lodges). I never would have known about it, except having read it here. Their paid staff is here: http://www.aMVets.org/HTML/what_we_do/NSO.html Maybe someone can help help you with your VA claim. The fellow who
  12. I used AMVETS when I retired and they were outstanding in their service. I have had no problems with the VA and I have a relatively high VA disability rating. I know several other retirees who were helped by AMVETS :thumb
  13. Granite Baptist Church in Glen Burnie, MD I am the chapter director.
  14. Pastor Doug Fisher of Lighthouse Baptist Church in San Diego has an excellent series on fasting. I highly recommend it.
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