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  1. Our church in NJ used the Phoster Club for ladies and the Fisherman's club for men. It is basically a program to train people how to lead someone to Christ. It requires that they memorize a set script and stick to it verbatim. When someone gets saved, they log that into their notebooks. Then they work on getting the saved person to church and baptized. The clubs are also built on rewards. With a certain amount of souls saved(50)in your log book you get a pin. I forget some of the other rewards as you progress. It is a pretty good program but it has its pros and cons. It does come in Spanish too if you live around a lot of Latinos. The pastor's wife used to make us recite that script no matter what. We were not allowed to say anything in our own words. Many times she would stick her foot in the door making them listen to her presentation when the person at the door wasn't interested. She said to me that our job is to tell them the gospel whether or not they want to listen. I don't know if that how they do it in Hammond, but I am a bible college graduate and I didn't really need a script to read off of. I prefer to listen to the Holy Spirit and tailor my soulwinning to the person at the door. It is good for someone or a group who has never done any soulwinning and is scared to death. It does deal heavily with the fear factor. Rewards are fine, but sometimes it can get out of hand. When the ladies got more confident and started winning people, we would fight over who got the next door because one more soul meant getting the next reward. As far as effectiveness goes, I am not sure. we all won many souls that year, but none of us ever got them to come to church, get baptized or discipled. Not one. Sometimes I felt that our fast food approach wasn't getting through to them, and that they would pray whether or not they wanted to just to get rid of us. Only God knows. So, it will be interesting to see what your results are with the club.
  2. I would only punish the kid later if he does it for attention or does it on purpose. All of us know husbands and kids who can "toot" jingle bells on command and think it is a form of entertainment. :roll: I can't imagine someone punishing a kid for normal bodily functions they can't help.I had a horrible gas problem as a kid and I was so embarrassed. I found out in my adult life that I had a food allergy. So, folks, get your kid tested if it seems like a big problem. May just need a change of diet or simply eating slower.
  3. DQ

    Wedding music

    I have to sing at my brother's wedding in a Methodist church. I get to pick the songs. :) The problem is, I am trying to make up my mind on which 3 to sing.(So many songs, so little time.) When you go to a Christian wedding what songs do you like to hear? Thanks! DQ
  4. Greetings! I see a lot of Scofield in these posts, and most baptist churches I have been at are all gung ho about the Scofield Bible. What I want to know is why? I don't like to use bibles with man-made notes/commentaries. Scofield believes in the universal church theory as well as the gap theory. If we are good fundamental baptists, we certainly don't hold to those beliefs. Anyone want to enlighten me? DQ
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