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  1. I don't drive. I have a license [which I have had for 25 years] but for the past ten years have chosen not to, due to health issues. I love driving, it is a privilege to be able to get in a car a just go where and whenever you please [with respect to the law of course]. Since I run my own business from home I need to get around. Public transport is virtually non-existent and thus I have to rely on my wife to get me around. She is not overtly fond of driving but she is an excellent driver nonetheless.
  2. Hmm ... I like it, but you would really have to convince me because it sat on the floodplain of the Euphrates and Tigris rivers.
  3. Yeah, but they don't have the potential to become the centre of one world religion, one combined Islamic, apostate Christian, Catholic and secular Jewish "spiritual mother city". Take these and add to them the many other minor religions that already profess Jerusalem as their spiritual mother city.
  4. Mind if I throw a spanner in the works: secular Jerusalem is also founded on 7 hills!
  5. What is your stand on the doctrine of the All-Sufficiency of Scripture?
  6. Amen. Psychology is not a science despite what it's proponents say. Instead of dealing with the spiritual it deals with the mental. I reject it outright, especially the term Christian Psychology, it's an oxymoron. psychology has NO place in the church. Christianity and psychology were enemies in "evangelical" circles at least until the 1960s. It is not far from the truth to say that the modern church has been invaded by pop-psychology on a grand scale. The sufficiency of Scripture is a subject that many are soft on. The modern church has abandoned or forgotten our resources in Christ Jesus altogether. The physical side as discussed by Dwayne is of course a different matter, it would be criminal to withhold medication in such cases.
  7. According to Jesus they were married:
  8. I wonder why Safari gave me problems, I always used to use it. Anyhow thanks BroMatt for sending the email and it's good to be back after completing my B.Th. I'll get you kevin for your sarcasm. lol.
  9. I attended a Independent Fundamental Baptist church in my youth and as a young adult, but had a rough patch and strayed, later the Lord chastened me, I returned. However I returned to a Independent Fundamental Bible church. Their doctrine was the same with the only difference being that the latter is under elder rule. I also found that there was much more grace [vs. made made rules] without losing any truth.
  10. Alison, how did it go with your goth friends?
  11. Yes, Amen Lord Jesus come. The passage Matthew 25:13 [Mark 13:32], which states,
  12. Hi Chelle, I had about 25% of mine deleted. That's a lot for me.
  13. Hi BroMatt The new board is great and has solved the "Invalid Session" errors and timeouts that I was experiencing, with no changes on my side. I have posted in a wide cross-spectrum of threads and have had no problems. I am able to move with ease throughout the board. Thanks again BroMatt.
  14. Hi John I would suggest the book "Shepherding a Child's Heart." While much of it deals with young kids, it has a section in which your son would fall. The book's author is Tedd Tripp and the principles are biblical and work well. The major principle is that we should not be dealing with outward behaviour but rather with issues of the heart. When we deal will these issues we get to share the word and the gospel in a meaningful way.
  15. [quote="ltl"] Sorry, for I have forgotten to define what "Baptist" here means Here Baptist DOES NOT mean a denominational name but Baptist here means = Baptistic in practice [/quote] With the above, #3
  16. I clear them out on a regular basis on the PC (hasn't helped with the invalid sessions), but I will try it on the Mac and see what I come up with. Thanks BroMatt
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