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  1. Hi Guys Where we are the price of gasoline is ±30 bucks [equivalent exchange] per litre (not per gallon). We travel 30 min one way. The nearest other IFB church is 80 km one way (in the opposite direction). Mountainview
  2. Hi We're settling in for the winter. It is freezing cold
  3. Hi Ro-Ro34 Do you have a dog? Is it anything like the one in your avatar? Mountainview
  4. Hi Guys Lets change the subject, the weather is rather boring! Mountainview
  5. Hey Guys We're in the middle of summer, it's so hot we're in shorts and no T-shirts. Today was a cooler day because it rained - but the temperature is still 28°c and it's 1:50 am. While you anticipate spring, I dread the coming winter. Mountainview
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