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  1. Dear Kitagirl, You wrote: [quote] I agree with PE, I think drums are great in some music (not rock, country, etc) but personally I feel they have no place at church. Although I know church orchestras sometimes have them...and cymbals, which are mentioned in the Bible. [b]Cymbals are not used to keep a beat though are they...drums are.[/b] Should we accentuate a beat in our Christian music? [/quote] Regarding your closing statement about "accenting a beat"... Why not? If you go to http://www.vicfirth.com/education/rudiments.html and click on the rudiment names,you'll be able to read the notations and hear the rudiments played at various tempos. And if you go to: http://www.vicfirth.com/education/drums ... ncler.html You'll see how the rudiments relate to the drumset and where the cymbals come in as [b]part of the rhythm! [/b] Further regarding cymbals and rhythm...Just watch the drumlines of your local high school or college band and focus on the cymbal lines and you'll see that rhythms can be played on cymbals. Also, listen to what the drummer on a song is playing. Cymbals and drums are used to keep time and tempo in songs. In Christ, Dale
  2. Hi All! I've been following this thread and wanted to clarify some misconceptions regarding the drums and use in Christian music. If you go to page 14 in the "Drums" thread and look up my name (posting was on 03/24) and read my extensive post regarding drums and drumming history. To that information, I'd like to add some other references so as to hopefully provide even more information to dispell the mis-information out there. Here are the links: History of the Snare drum:(Vienna Symphony Library) http://www.vsl.co.at/english/instrument ... istory.htm History of the Drum Set: http://www.appelzana.com/resources/drum_set.pdf History of the Conga drum: http://www.nolanwarden.com/Conga_Drum_History(Warden).pdf http://artdrum.com/HISTORY_OF_CONGA_DRUMS.htm History of the Bongo Drums: http://www.bongomania.com/eng/articles/thebasics1.html# History of the Bata Drums: http://www.lafi.org/magazine/articles/batadrums.html http://www.batadrums.com/ [b]The bata drums are what I believe that everyone is talking about regarding drums used to worship other gods,NOT the bongo drums.[/b] Also,the drumset would not be found at a Santeria, Voudou,etc. ceremonies since the drums used are consecrated to those deities and ceremonies as the drums are made. And,one has to be an initiate to the religion to even see,let alone hear the sacred drums. http://www.batadrums.com/background/ana.htm I don't think that any of us are,are we? :lol: However,there are secular or profane bata drums called "aberínkula" that can be played by the non initiated. Makes for an interesting conundrum... Something else to consider,the practioners of these religions also use their voices to chant,sing, and pray. Should we then be silent since the voice is used for "evil" ? :o :roll: Of course not! I have been playing the conga drum and other hand drums exclusively in the churches that I attended over the past 30 years and have been blessed by the Lord as I use the talent that He gave me to glorify Him! :D And in glorifying Him,my fellow congregants are edified! :)

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