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  1. When I saw how buggy FF3 was I uninstalled it and went back to 2.whatever. I don't like my computer being their lab rat.
  2. I was backing up what I could, but my d drive was my backup. Anyway, a friend of the family has a son who works on computers and he's got it now. He took out the d drive and it boots up okay, now. It looks like the d drive went bad and for some reason made the whole computer freeze up. So I list the data on the d drive, some of which was important, but not irreplaceable. I could get the computer back tomorrow. And the best news, he's not charging us for working on it since it's a friend of the family that we'v done a lot of stuff for. Thanks for the prayers.
  3. I was able to get a little bit of work done on my son's computer. He was gone, so it wasn't being used. Monday will be a different story since he uses it for homeschool. Also, I have the problem that if I take my computer to be worked on there's a chance the contents of the hard drive could be copied. I've worked for computer places, so I know stuff like that happens. I have clients that have sites that certain people would love to get access to. I can't allow their security to be compromised, so I may not have a choice but to wipe the drives rather than allow them to fall into malevolent hands. That would mean replacing the drives and re-installing Vista. It also means losing a lot of data that will take a long time to replace. Keep praying
  4. My work computer, the one I use to earn most of our income crashed tonight. This time it's a serious crash. Both hard drives seem to be fried. Our income was already low, so paying for repairs and possible a new hard drive will be difficult. Pleae pray that God will provide for us. I'm caught up with work for the week (first semi-free weekend in a long time), but Monday I had stuff I need to do. I was able to sell a CS3 Master Collection for $250 this week, but next week is spring break, which means my wife doesn't sub, and $250 is pretty much exactly how much she'll lose by not working. I have some more copies of that software and the option to buy 20 more so if I'm able to sell some more I'd be able to pay for the repairs and get more copies. We've been getting by week by week for the past two months--money coming in right about the time it's needed. It's been trying on the whole family. We really need your prayers.
  5. We watched this in seminary. It's not for everyone, because someone weak in their faith could take it the wrong way. It's titled "Marjoe" and it's about a guy who was a traveling evangelist from the age of 4. When he was in his 20's he decided to come clean and admit that he didn't even believe in God. He had a film crew follow him around for his last round of crusades. It's very enlightening in regards to the methods people use to con weak christians. He was part of the holiness movement and did the whole healing/slayed-in-the-spirit stuff. The first part is at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKln1sQXvmo, and you can find the other parts from there. We've been watching it with our kids, a section at a time, and talking it over with them.
  6. Take the headaches we already have that are linked to alcohol: Drunk drivers, alcoholism, domestic abuse, teen pregnancy--and multiply that times each and every one of the drugs they make legal.
  7. My wife has a degree in elementary education and is licensed, but not certified (she needs to teach a year before she can be certified). She's been subbing for a couple of years now, and just got finished with a long term subbing job at a Christian school. She's finally decided that she needs to seriously pursue a job at a public school. Before she wanted to either continue subbing or get a job at a Christian school, but I kept telling her that while Christian kids need to be either homeschooled or go to a Christian school, public schools desperately need more Christian teachers. She's been putting in her application and resume at nearby schools, but we don't know what her chances would be since she's been out of school so long. Getting a position would help our family financially as well as place another Christian teacher in public schools. I'd continue homeschooling the kids and running my freelance business from home. Pray that she gets the right class at the right school.
  8. http://Somebody.NeedsYourPrayers.com is still up and running. Please posts requests there if you have the time. Also, please tell others about it.
  9. Budget Saver Italian Meatloaf 2 pounds Italian seasoned ground turkey (currently available in many Wal-Marts for $1 a pound) 1 16 oz can spaghetti sauce 3/4 cups rolled oats 1 large egg 1/4 cup chopped onion 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 package saltine crackers, crumbled (most crackers come in a box of four packages) Directions 1 Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. 2 In a large bowl, combine meat, spaghetti sauce, oats, egg, chopped onion, salt and crackers. Mix lightly but thoroughly. Press into loaf or flat cake pan. 3 Bake for 1 hour, or until meat is no longer pink and juices run clear. Drain. Let stand 5 minutes before serving. Alternate baking, for Sunday Morning.... If you're like us you like to leave stuff in the oven with a timer to turn on and off, so it'll be ready when you come home from church. Prepare the meatloaf the night before and place in the freezer. Then bake for 2 hours at 300 degrees, but also cover the loaf or cake pan with a cookie sheet (held down by a heavy cast iron skillet if necessary) to create an enclosed space that will maintain both the moisture and even tempurature. So if you leave for church at 8am and get home at noon, set the oven to come on at 9:30 and go off at 11:30. The frozen, raw meatloaf will then only set for a hour and a half before it begins to bake, so it will begin cooking well before thawing into the danger zone (40 to 140 degrees) and the extra half hour between 11:30 and noon simply allows it to cool and set before eating. We also place whole potatoes with a little water in the cast iron skillet, then cover it as well. That means we have a wonderful meatloaf with some nicely cooked baked potatoes ready to eat when we get home from church. The best part....the cost. Italian seasoned Ground turkey 2 for $1 each--$2 Spaghetti sauce, 50 cents Rolled oats, 10 cents 1 egg, 10 cents chopped onion, 25 cents crackers $1 a box, using only 1/4 of a box, 25 cents 6 potatoes, 75 cents TOTAL: $3.95 (appr.) and it feeds a family of 6 with leftovers. If you're one of those people that insist on more than the basic meat and potatoes, you can toss in a can of green beans or mixed greens for about 50 cents, but then you go over the $4 mark, which makes it one of them highfalutin luxury meals.
  10. John, your request expired at Somebody.NeedsYourPrayers.com. I remembered to pray for ya'll this morning anyway, but having it on that list helped me remember every morning.
  11. http://Somebody.NeedsYourPrayers.com Boy diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. Woman am pregnant for the 8th time, lost her last baby. Minister, father of 5 homeschooled kids needs employment. Family needs finances to adopt children from Ukraine. Wife and homeschooling mother of 2 small children battling cancer. They need your prayers.
  12. It was just the line. The transmission is fine. A couple a hundred bucks instead of over a thousand.
  13. The mechanic confirmed that the transmission line broke, but he's waiting for the replacement part before he'll know if that's the extent of the damage.
  14. http://apps.facebook.com/phpbible/ You actually don't have to be a member of Facebook to use it. But if you are a member, you can bookmark it and have it handy, right there on your facebook page.
  15. We got the van last year (using money from my wife's 401k, which we are now paying for with a minuscule tax refund) because our previous car's transmission went out. I was trying to take my oldest to a tech fair at the vo-tech and it started losing power. I pulled off the road turned it off, and called my wife to tell her to try to find some other way to get to work in the morning. When I started the van back up none of the gears would work. I called AAA, but as I went outside I noticed a lot of transmission fluid on the ground, and sprayed on the passenger side of the van. That was at 5pm, it's 7pm now and I just got home. If the transmission needs to be replaced it'll cost about $1,100. But if it just needs a line and the transmission fluid replaced it'll obviously be a lot less. Please pray that it'll be okay. We still haven't gotten our curriculum for spring (the kids finished a whole year's curriculum in the fall). We were waiting until we got enough money to buy it.
  16. I subscribed to your request at http://somebody.needsyourprayers.com/, so I'm reminded by email each morning to pray for you and your family. (Have you been checking http://somebody.needsyourprayers.com/manageRequests.php to see how many people have been praying?)
  17. http://somebody.needsyourprayers.com Sign up and tell everyone you know about it.
  18. It makes no sense whatsoever for God to allow angels to impregnate humans. It does, however, make for interesting fiction. The Bible is not fiction. It's clear that the Sons of God are the descendants of Seth, and the daughters of men are female descendants of Cain. Also, the result fits what we know about genetics. If you have two, separate genetic groups that are somewhat inbred, then a cross between the two produce an offspring with above-average physical traits. Thoroughbred horses are an example of this. The hybrid vigor present in cross breed dogs also demonstrates this.
  19. I upgraded and now it's running like some garbage software put out from a third world country. When I try to export as pdf, it puts the original extension on it, even though "Auto Extension" is checked. Any documents I save winds up begin trashed, and unusable. It's a mess.
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