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  1. I used to listen to it all the time. I have it linked at http://radiojesus.com (Needs IE and RealAudio). A friend (website at http://masteringlife.org ) had a program about him.
  2. That's what my link has http://www.dannycarlton.net/carlton/chrono.htm
  3. http://www.dannycarlton.net/carlton/chrono.htm
  4. How in the world is that NOT racist? Exactly how Orwellian can we be?
  5. I set up a page for her at http://BeginPad.com (http:/BeginPad.com/LindaCarlton) so she has all her favorite links as soon as the browser opens up. She used it for a few hours yesterday, then went back to Windows XP. She says she can't tell that much difference in using it, but more of her stuff is available on XP. There've been plenty of times she's sat frustrated, wanting to quickly check something out, but couldn't because XP took 10 to 15 minutes to boot, or even froze mid boot. This looks like a solution that'll work.
  6. Here's the article: http://blogs.zdnet.com/perlow/?p=9990&a ... nl.rSINGLE
  7. Anyone else tried out Presto? I saw a review of it and my wife's been having problems with the laptop (running Windows XP) loading very slowly (10 minutes or more) so I downloaded the trial version and it seemed to work very well although pretty slimmed down. I went ahead and bought a license (it's only $19.95) so when she's in a hurry she can get to the internet or her email faster.
  8. When an over-zealous social worker threatens to take your child away from you unless you stop homeschooling, how is that less than waterboarding? When the police invade a home, kill the family pets and threaten to place the parents in jail unless they conform to some arbitrary interpritation of the law, how is that less than waterboarding. Each of these are done frequently in the US. But Liberals seem to have no problem with that.
  9. The mechanic says the rear end needs to be rebuilt and it'll cost around $750. He said it'd be ready by tomorrow afternoon, so I had to scramble to find the money. Fortunately I've had several new clients, but they won't be paying until the first, and the bank won't process the checks until Monday or Tuesday. My dad agreed to loan us some money until next week so we can pay for the repairs. The mechanic usually doesn't take checks, but he's made an exception once before for us. Hopefully he will again.
  10. I emailed your username and password to you. Maybe that'll help in case you were getting something wrong.
  11. It works fine for me in IE,Chrome,FF,Opera and Safari. I don't know what the problem could be. Are you using windows or mac?
  12. Please pray! Linda just called...had to call AAA because the van messed up. She says it sounded just like our last car did just before the transmission went out. It's our only vehicle, and money is very tight.
  13. Has his pediatrician checked his adrenal glands. It really sounds like he's having an adrenal crisis.
  14. I wasn't that impressed. even though the wife did a lot of terrible things, she never apologized or asked for forgiveness. The entire burden was pushed on the husband. They also never really established the cause and effect between the main character and his mother. It seemed she was being a nag, then out of the blue, she's the mistreated hero. I didn't get that either. The actor who played the main character's father was a really poor actor. He sounded like he was delivering a seminar with every line. It seemed low budget in the production and directing.
  15. You do good work. I wish we were in a place to get something. But (not to beat a dead horse) there's lots of people posting needs at http://Somebody.NeedsYourPrayers.com.
  16. Would you mind if I post this at http://Somebody.NeedsYourPrayers.com?
  17. I got a 250g external drive from newegg for $60 and the complete backup from my remaining 120g hard drive only takes 16g. The nightly backups take an average of 100m, so I do a fresh backup once a week and do the progressive backups nightly.
  18. Please visit and tell others. http://somebody.needsyourprayers.com I know there are at least a half a dozen people (including myself) that prays daily for almost every request posted.
  19. It may be a bit anecdotal, but when we moved from the Southern Baptist Church we were attending, at least four other families did as well. The church we are now going to is a Bible church, not part of a large denomination, therefore we would be in the numbers of the "dwindling members" because they would count us as having left a SBC, but not as having joined a church that isn't part of one of the big denominations. In that sense I see what the author is saying, although he does it a bit pejoratively.
  20. http://somebody.needsyourprayers.com We have quite a few regular prayer warriors that pray each day for requests that have been posted. Tell others about it, too.
  21. Wait on God. I have seen over and over again the serous problems of trying to rush things and not following Paul's advice in [bible]1st Corinthians 7:25-35[/bible]
  22. I've used a dishwasher several times without soap. Most dishwashing machines in my experience are nothing more than dish sterilizers (because of how hot they can get the water) and actual dish washers. If your dishes are still coming out dirty, then you'r not rinsing them off properly before putting them in.
  23. I have it on my library site at http://bythefireplace.com/17/40247-Barr ... rned-Away/ if you don't want to get one of the ancient copies available at Amazon.com. A bit about the author. E.P. Roe was a Presbyterian minister that wrote occasional articles for magazines as a hobby. He and his wife visited Chicago after the great fire and Roe was so moved by the tragedy he decided to write about it. His venture eventually emerged as a novel. It was so well received he quickly became the most read author of his time, surpassing even Mark Twain. Roe eventually realized he was reaching more people by writing books, than by being a pastor so resigned from his church to write full time. He eventually completed 21 novels and an asortment of short stories and informative pamphlets. The strong Christian message in his Roe's books would be why Twain in more well knwon today than Roe. In Barriers Burned Away, Roe combined the admonishing style of Horatio Alger with the old world grace of Jane Austen in a story that never drags or bores. It's apparent Roe debated many an atheist as the characters (believers and non-believers) have a depth many Christian authors seem to never reach. The two main characters, devout, poor, hard-working Dennis Fleet and the wealthy heiress and avowed atheist Christine Ludolph clash yet find themselves inexplicably drawn together. One sub-plot is Dennis' effort to convince Christine the reality of God's love and Jesus' sacrifice against her upbringing to reject Christianity and all religion as mere superstition. The plot culminates in the Chicago fire as the characters each face tragedy and its meaning to their world view. Ironically I saw many similarities to the recent Titanic movie, inasmuch as a historical event of tragic proportions was presented amidst a love story. Were it not for Hollywood bigoted hatred of Christianity, Barriers Burned Away would make a great movie on par with Titanic, surpassing it, in my opinion, if it's original virtues were left intact. I struggled with this book because once I began it, I found it very hard to pull myself away and spent way more time each day reading it, than I really should have. Now that I've finished it I must force myself to wait before I begin any more of E.P. Roe's books, so I can get some work done.
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