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  1. A lot of people are on MeWe, and not paying for it. I don't pay for it. They push the membership, but it's still voluntary. For causal, non-political social networking it seems to be getting the bulk of Facebook refugees. For that you just need a live streaming video. Rumble.com is another that's competing with YouTube.
  2. I find myself in a place where I have no idea how we will pay this month's bills. I've been supporting my family as a freelance web developer for the past 10 years and we've always had money coming in from somewhere, but my freelance clients have dwindled down to just a few and the website I was relying on as a financial backup also petered out and is now defunct. I know God will come through and provide, but the stress of times like this is always what's worse. So I'm asking for prayer for strength to trust in God's plan. He knows what He's doing, but it's very hard not to worry and fret over
  3. No, of course not. It was obvious what I meant. Have you ever been to a Evangelical Free church, or a Conservative Bible Church? Theologically they are almost identical to most Baptist denominations. Even denominations like Church of Christ and Assembly of God, you have the theological point of beliving one can lose their salvation, but does believing that make one lost? There's a big difference between wrong and lost. I doubt any of us are dead on on everything, so let's hope our salvation isn't dependant on hving every nuance of theology correct. There's a core of beliefs that are crucia
  4. As I was upgrading the phpBible.org script, it occured to me that I had all the necessary components to make it a simple content management system, so low-budget churches and ministries could use it to build thier web site for free. I decided to rename it Salt & Light CMS ( http://saltandlightcms.org ) and have the Bible search part finished and functional. In the next few weeks or months I'll be building the CMS part then putting it together into an downloadable and installable package. This first version will be very simple with just the ability to create, edit and link pages. Future ug
  5. I disagree. I've studied many different denominations, and while theological difference get noticed more, the other 3 reasons (worship style, mission funding and organizational structure) make up a lot more of the differences. Hstorically, the #1 reason for someone creating a new denomination was their concern that there were too many denominations, so they started a new one, that they assumed would be the one everyone would conform to.
  6. It's possible, using Facebook Connect, to allow current accounts here, to be linke dto their Facebook accounts. This would allow those of use that had accounts before you began allowing FB login, to link up, them log in via Facebook. I added this functionality to a project I'm working on so I can go through some of the coding if you need it. Since I'm not linked to FB through this site, I don't know, but is it allowed to have messages posted here, noted as a FB update on the member's FB account? If not, that would be a good idea, because it would cross promote this site to member's friends.
  7. Saw just enough to tell it was a biased hack piece, and turned it off.
  8. Worship style is one of the 4 big reasons for differing denominations. Some people prefer a more lively worship, some prefer a quiet, some like a lot fo structure and "liturgy". I don't see how there's anything wrong with any of them, as long as it's a means to the end of worshipping God and focusing on Him, and not just a way to achieve an emotional buzz. One danger comes from assuming your method of worship is superior, and e=other are wrong by not doing it the way you prefer.
  9. So does the Bible on this site http://www.onlinebaptist.com/KJV, which is powered by http://phpAv.com, which is powered by http://phpBible.com, all of which have both Strong's and the Internet Public Domain Lexicon.
  10. It just occurred to me today that the links to http://phpBible.org were too long for facebook and twitter. I needed a way to post shorter links. I got the domain this morning, set it up at my rackspacecloud account, a wrote a script to interprit shorter urls into a forward to phpBible. Then, tonight, I added the reverse lin to the bottom of the pages at phpBible. Try it out http://KJav.us/joh_3_16 will take you to John 3:16
  11. Even worse are slick talking companies that con churches out of thousands of dollars for ugly, barely-usable sites, when the church has talented members who could have done a wonderful site for free.
  12. My son got it on his computer. We wiped the drive and re=installed the system, and made two separate account, an admin that only I have access to, and a limited user account for him to use. That keep it from happening again. It infects your computer after tricking you into allowing it to. Anti-virus is of no use if you give the malware permnission to infect your computer. The best bet is to use a limited account for daily use. If a web site tells you your computer is infected then you know it's the bad guys, because in a limited account it can't have permission to infect.
  13. I've read pretty much everything CS Lewis ever wrote. I don't agree with him 100% but to call him of satan is judgemental to the extreme.
  14. A client who I do work for on occasion, contacted me to see if I'd take over management of a site. The company they were using raised their prices, and they were already out $15,000 on the site, and it didn't work. But before I could get access to it, the company said the bill had to be paid in full. Meanwhile the site didn't work right, and the company was charging $95/hour to fix errors they left in the scripting. By the time the client was able to get everything paid for, they were out $17,000. This past Friday I was finally given access. I found that the company had hidden the fact that
  15. It works an awful lot like an app now. You can save it to the "desktop" as an icon. But Developing an app for the iphone requires Mac OS 10.5. We have 2 macs, but neither have or have the capacity to have 10.5
  16. While I designed it for the iPhone, the mobile version of phpAV (http://m.phpav.com) might work for you.
  17. Praying. I know how much anguish there is in having your only vehicle in the shop. I'm God will provide you the money to pay the mechanic.
  18. First it was the rear-end going out on our van (our only vehicle), which we manage to cover with a temporary loan, but it meant cutting back on expenses. We trimmed our already-tight, grocery list and any other expense we could. But then the van blew an intake cap as well as burst the radiator. With generous help for our church we were able to pay for the repairs and keep going, but other than a smattering of regular clients and a maintenance income from a new client our income was very limited. Linda found a job, that looked promising, but they started cutting the hours after the first two we
  19. Actually, it's a mobile home, so the walls aren't that easy to get in to. For now we're waiting to see if one of our relatives will volunteer some expertise. Other than that we'll wait until we have enough cash to pay an electrician. We have a business plan in the works for this fall that may pull in a lot of money, so that may solve a lot of problems. Already got a new one at Wal-Mart. It turns out their cheapest one had the most positive reviews. It's working perfect, and only cost $29.95.
  20. Well, we still haven't solved the problem. We have no electricity in the one bathroom that works, and no overhead light or outlets in half the bedroom. Outlets in one half work, so we have a bedside lamp and our alarm clock (which is good because we wake up to James Dobson/Alistair Begg/J. Vernon McGee which we enjoy) Actually, since we've had to put off fixing this, we've found it's not as much of an inconvenience as we thought. Primarily I didn't want Linda to get upset, which she does when problems happen. She's taking it okay, and it's actually created a much more relaxed atmosphere in t
  21. I hate it that I'm always asking for prayer, but things keep popping up. When we got home from church Sunday the breaker wad switched off in our bedroom. I switched it on but a few hours later it switched off again. I started unplugging things to see what was doing it, and one lone power strip (with nothing plugged in it) was the culprit (so i thought) I unplugged it, but a short time later the breaker switched off again, and wouldn't switch back on. My wife happened to be there, and tried to "fix" it by shutting of all the breakers on one side. I hadn't realized they were off so I thought h
  22. That's odd it works on every URL and every browser I tested it in. If you forget the http:// it won't add it. It has to be a correct URL that it redirects to.
  23. I created a URL Shortening service (http://hyux.com/_rstart) and the best part is that when people click on the link you create, it takes them to a page with one of several dozen carefully selected Bible verses (KJV) for 5 seconds, before they continue to the ultimate link. Here, test it out: http://hyux.com/_rcOXn
  24. Sorry for not replying sooner. Thanks so much for the prayers. We are still getting letters almost every day (one for each kids) reminding us they have no medical coverage--this in spite of a call to the agency where they assured us our kids had been reconfirmed weeks ago. It seems the government bureaucrats couldn't get their act together and can't communicate with each other. Officially, the kids have coverage, but it looks like it'll take a week before whoever is in charge of sending terse letters will actually be told.
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