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  1. Wow, unbelievable. A. Yes, obviously he's going to run. He has to be careful about announcing it, because as soon as he does there are FEC requirements he's bound by. B. The sooner the better. Trump did an awesome job.
  2. The Media like to create that illusion, but in the end it will be the voters that decide. Unlike the DNC, which brazenly cheats, the GOP still relies on the democratic process.
  3. The GOP are not a monolithic group. There are some good people in the rank-and-file as well as in the leadership. The problem is that it's not dominated by one, single, ideological faction, therefore its decision-making processes are a bit hamstrung. When it comes to any group of people, one allowing disagreement is preferable to one which does not.
  4. The GOP isn't as intolerant of diverse ideas as the Democrats are. There is a wide array of viewpoints within the GOP and even in the leadership. Conservatives are still a strong part.
  5. I set up https://SpurgeonsMorningAndEvening.com a few years ago. It's an autoblog that posts twice a day, and also has an email you can sign up for that sends the devotion twice each day. I was really surprised the domain was available. The site gets about 250 visitors a day and there's about the same number of people signed up for the email.
  6. I hope this is in the correct forum. A friend just finished a romance novel and has labeled it a "Christian romance novel". Most of the main characters are Christian, There is no sex, bad language or adult themes. But it doesn't mention Jesus or present the Gospel. Is it actually a Christian book?
  7. So you're judging Trump by some of his followers? Could you be more specific about what it was that Trump did that you didn't like?
  8. A check of the actual 1956 Republican platform shows that the claims are false. https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/documents/republican-party-platform-1956 There is no mention of low-income communities. It does mention supporting states in dealing with economic problems, not the Federal government doing it themselves. "We shall continue to seek extension and perfection of a sound social security system." does not mean "extension of social security" because SS was very different back then. It hadn't been raided by Congress so it meant preventing it from becoming a political slush fund. Now that it is, any "expension" means continuing its use as a slush fund, and ignoring whether or not it's sound. The "refugees" they referred to were people escaping communist countries. Democrats today try to hamper them from coming here, and welcome people who would rather feed of America's prosperity than work toward making their home country better. Extending the minimum wage laws did not mean raising the minimum wage, but making sure all businesses obeyed it. The wording for these promised were to make each of these more efficient, not to wildly expand them and throw taxpayer money at problems (making sure there would be enough kick backs for the politicians pushing the added spending) Claiming this is like the DNC today is like saying a drug addict is the same as gramma picking up some aspirin at the grocery store.
  9. If you want to check out the progress on my newest project I whipped up a development mirror to show the current status. If you go to https://dev.notforsaking.com/ you can see what I have so far. --Monday I got the page to load all Tulsa churches. --Yesterday I changed it to a static page and loaded the churches via ajax. --Today I polished the design and made it look better. --My next step is to start zoomed out showing the entire US and show grouping markers for the states, with a count of how many churches are listed in each state. --After that I'll allow grouping markers for cities as the map is zoomed in. --At the city level it will show what it is showing now, but for every city. --I'll then create a filter. So far the only criteria I have other than location is denomination, so that will be the filter. --I'll then create a form for adding more information about each individual church. I'll try to do it the way Wikipedia does and allow anyone to offer data and keep an eye on it for spammers (new data would need to be approved, by me) That way there's more chance of data being added. I'll be requesting: worship style, average attendance, photos, etc. --I'll also have to add data for the denominations to explain them more to people unfamiliar with them. --And I'll add a directions feature, where the map will display direction from your current location to the church you've chosen. I have over 100,000 churches in my database all index to one of the 149 denominations. Hopefully with the denominational data each entry can have a bit more information about what theology is being taught at each individual church.
  10. Come Thou Fount or There WIthin My Heart. I also have a site at https://CountryHymns.com where I have hundreds of hymns, scores, audio and video.
  11. Awesome. Just added it to my phone. I was needing something to add ot the stuff I do when I watch TV at night. Facebook censors the content on their mobile app and page, so I only see a fraction of what's there. This will be very useful. BTW, how hard was it to create? I've been wanting to make apps for my ministry sites ( https://dannycarlton.org/#ministry ) but haven't been able to figure out how.
  12. I'm not sure if this is what you had in mind, but... I believe that foot washing was a part of the Lord's Supper and should be practiced along with communion. The trouble is very few churches do it anymore and the few who do have some other, somewhat odd beliefs and practices.
  13. I've had the domain DYPF.com for over ten years. I grabbed it because it was available (four letter dot coms are rarely available) and it was the letters I put at the top of my notes when I write a novel. (Stands for "Did Your Pray First?"). So last year I went ahed and got the domain DidYouPrayFirst.org and created a blog. I'm reposting articles on prayer. I made it so each post has an automatic shortened URL using the DYPF.com domain, which redirects to the long domain and the specific post. I also have a form for people to submit articles or links to articles to be considered for inclusion. There's a wordpress plugin I found for managing prayer requests, but it's buggy, so I'm waiting to see if I have time to clean it up before I use it. Ultimately, though, I thought the DYPF acronym could become like the WWJD and people could make simple jewelry reminders, but I don't have the resources for that. https://DYPF.com / https://DidYouPrayFirst.org
  14. I'm a visitor to earth. My home is in heaven. While I may have the designation of "citizen" of various localities (Oklahoma, America) I still consider that I'm just visiting. However, Satan likes using the misleading title of "Citizen of the World" to trick people into setting aside obedience to God for whatever passes, at the moment, for the goals of Globalism, which are inevitably evil. No, I'm not a citizen of the world, since there exists no world-wide, earthly authority regarding earthly life. TO claim so is to be naive and fall for worldly, shallow gimmicks.
  15. Wouldn't "judging" be telling someone they are doing something wrong? Aren't you then judging by telling us we are wrong to judge? Seems a bit hypocritical to me.
  16. I started this last year, finding a verse for each day where the chapter matched the month and the verse matched the day. I've been posting them to my social media accounts, but I thought I could post them here, too. If you want to see the script I created which lists all the verse for the current day go to http://myopenbible.org/_votd.php. I create the images using my site http://mybiblememes.com/
  17. Before writing was invented, people greatly respected the integrity of oral history. The narrative would then have been passed down from the various people involved. Adam would have been the author of the beginning of Genesis, various others might have contributed based on relevance and importance of their contribution. But it was Moses who authorized and ordered it being recorded into writing and those he authorized continued to write it to include his death. That would be Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers. Deuteronomy was added later during the reign of Josiah when another written record was found. There's no mention of who authored it, but it matches the first four books enough to verify it's accuracy.
  18. So you're argument and defense of your viewpoint is that logic is unscriptural and should be avoided by Christians? Doesn't address what I wrote.
  19. You are using the natural ambiguity of language to "force" the Bible to say things it clearly does not say. God told Adam and Eve that on the day they ate the fruit they would die. On that day the process of death began. Often the initiation, the process and the conclusion are referred to by the same noun or verb. Since we understand what is sin, yet do not have the capacity to resist it the curse of sin inhabits us all from birth, but does not actually become sin until we make the choice to sin. The Bible was intended to be read with common sense, not blind devotion to vague concepts that defy logic. God is the God of logic, not the God of confusion.
  20. When I decided to redo https://kjBible.org, I wanted to copy the look and feel of the older (1700s) Bibles. I found scans of the 1769 King James bible online (in DPF format) and downloaded it to use as a guide. I'm only able to work at it occasionally and my regular job permits. Recently, though, I've been working on page layout for my site https://byTheFireplace.com and was able to get it to display the pages like a book (an example can be viewed at https://dev.bythefireplace.com/Fiction/Christian/442-The-Innocence-of-Father-Brown/chapter-1/test/#page-1 ) I'm hoping to be able to use that technique to lay the pages at kjBible.org out just like the pages of a Bible, so that it will format in two columns with the crossreference on the outside of each column, and possible even do it two pages wide while in landscape mode. On https://myOpenBible.org I wanted to make the basic traditional, paragraph and reading formats, but eventually (I haven't done it yet) make the style sheets adjustable with examples so people could design their own Bible layout with their own fonts, colors, and hide or include the extras (outline, crossreference, etc.)
  21. The Master Study Bible is published by Holman Press. I used the Holman crossreference for my sites, https://myOpenBible.org, https://phpBible.org and https://kjBible.org. (I also have the Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge crossreference, but it is massive, leaving me with the problem of having too many crossreference verses to fit in the margin). The verses you mention only partly match up the the Holman crossreference I have, so they may have changed it.
  22. Here is how I have defined "Legalism" and "Liberalism" in regards to Christianity and the Bible. God's word expresses both Obedience and Compassion. Those two will ALWAYS be in balance. Legalists place Obedience above Compassion to the point that Compassion is trivialized and more often than not completely dismissed entirely. Liberals place Compassion above Obedience to the point that Obedience is trivialized and more often than not dismissed entirely. However, the practice of Legalism always results in disobedience, because true Obedience factors in Compassion. (Example: the men who wanted to stone the adulteress, yet ignored her partner, who she committed adultery with) As well, Liberalism leads to cruelty, as true Obedience always brings with it adequate Compassion (example: people claiming homosexuality is not a sin, thereby condemning people to live a horrible life chained to sin.)
  23. This is funny. Anyone of any intelligence knows that masks are worthless in stopping the spread of disease among the population, and actually creates health hazards instead of preventing them. It's political theater, and nothing more.
  24. In the New testament the word Prophet (προφήτης) can mean either a speaker or someone who predicts the future. Since the Bible mentions a lot of things that hasn't happened yet, whenever we tell people about the prophecies of the Bible, we are literally acting as a prophet. Yes, there are people who profess the truths of God, and in that meaning of the word they are modern day prophets. And also there are people who warn about the things the Bible say will happen, so they also are prophets of God. But I think what you really mean are those who claim to know of future events not mentioned in the Bible. The Bible is very clear about such people. If they are truly a prophet of God, then God will give them things to say that will prove they are from God. But if they predict something that doesn't come true, it's a sign that they are not of God. Some charismatic denominations get a bit over enthusiastic about prophecy and will predict things, and then ignore when the predictions don't come true, meaning they are more interested in pretending to be prophets than actually following God's word.
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