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  1. Happy Birthday! may God bless you and yours. 🎂

  2. This is funny. Anyone of any intelligence knows that masks are worthless in stopping the spread of disease among the population, and actually creates health hazards instead of preventing them. It's political theater, and nothing more.
  3. In the New testament the word Prophet (προφήτης) can mean either a speaker or someone who predicts the future. Since the Bible mentions a lot of things that hasn't happened yet, whenever we tell people about the prophecies of the Bible, we are literally acting as a prophet. Yes, there are people who profess the truths of God, and in that meaning of the word they are modern day prophets. And also there are people who warn about the things the Bible say will happen, so they also are prophets of God. But I think what you really mean are those who claim to know of future events n
  4. You assume the condemnation of sin is some arbitrary attribute, genetically handed down. What we inherit from Adam is both the knowledge of right and wrong coupled with the inability to always choose what is right. That creates sin, and condemns us. It's not until a child reaches the age of accountability that they make a sinful choice, and at that point become a sinner, in need of salvation. Sin is something we do. A sin nature is something we inherit, but doesn't become sin until we make that first choice to sin, understanding that it's wrong. Our sin nature itself does not condemn us, our c
  5. You could offer a definition, I could offer a definition, but there would result in thousands of other definitions disagreeing with either. The old rules of "Before you begin a debate, define the terms" seems to have been completely ignored when it comes to Calvinism. I wonder if the ignore it when Armenians discuss Arminianism?
  6. But whether that belief denotes mere Calvinism or hyper-Calvinism is the question and different people have different answers.
  7. I've found that when one person uses the word "Calvinism" it rarely means what everyone else thinks it means. There are a lot of different types of Calvinism, some of them hyper-Calvinism, some of them simply "once saved always saved"-ism. You can't assume any one speaker is using your exact definition. You have to feel out what exactly they mean. For my part, I consider myself a 4.5 point Calvinist, because one of the points is often interpreted in a different way than I interpret it. And that presents another problem, even the very points of Calvinism (TULIP) can be interpreted differently,
  8. There's no such thing. If any news source attempted to take a neutral position on the news they would instantly be labeled "Right Wing Extremist" by the Left. Unless they are willing to lie for the Collectivists, they are, by default, "Right Wing".
  9. A lot of people are on MeWe, and not paying for it. I don't pay for it. They push the membership, but it's still voluntary. For causal, non-political social networking it seems to be getting the bulk of Facebook refugees. For that you just need a live streaming video. Rumble.com is another that's competing with YouTube.
  10. I find myself in a place where I have no idea how we will pay this month's bills. I've been supporting my family as a freelance web developer for the past 10 years and we've always had money coming in from somewhere, but my freelance clients have dwindled down to just a few and the website I was relying on as a financial backup also petered out and is now defunct. I know God will come through and provide, but the stress of times like this is always what's worse. So I'm asking for prayer for strength to trust in God's plan. He knows what He's doing, but it's very hard not to worry and fret over
  11. No, of course not. It was obvious what I meant. Have you ever been to a Evangelical Free church, or a Conservative Bible Church? Theologically they are almost identical to most Baptist denominations. Even denominations like Church of Christ and Assembly of God, you have the theological point of beliving one can lose their salvation, but does believing that make one lost? There's a big difference between wrong and lost. I doubt any of us are dead on on everything, so let's hope our salvation isn't dependant on hving every nuance of theology correct. There's a core of beliefs that are crucia
  12. As I was upgrading the phpBible.org script, it occured to me that I had all the necessary components to make it a simple content management system, so low-budget churches and ministries could use it to build thier web site for free. I decided to rename it Salt & Light CMS ( http://saltandlightcms.org ) and have the Bible search part finished and functional. In the next few weeks or months I'll be building the CMS part then putting it together into an downloadable and installable package. This first version will be very simple with just the ability to create, edit and link pages. Future ug
  13. I disagree. I've studied many different denominations, and while theological difference get noticed more, the other 3 reasons (worship style, mission funding and organizational structure) make up a lot more of the differences. Hstorically, the #1 reason for someone creating a new denomination was their concern that there were too many denominations, so they started a new one, that they assumed would be the one everyone would conform to.
  14. It's possible, using Facebook Connect, to allow current accounts here, to be linke dto their Facebook accounts. This would allow those of use that had accounts before you began allowing FB login, to link up, them log in via Facebook. I added this functionality to a project I'm working on so I can go through some of the coding if you need it. Since I'm not linked to FB through this site, I don't know, but is it allowed to have messages posted here, noted as a FB update on the member's FB account? If not, that would be a good idea, because it would cross promote this site to member's friends.
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