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  1. I find myself in a place where I have no idea how we will pay this month's bills. I've been supporting my family as a freelance web developer for the past 10 years and we've always had money coming in from somewhere, but my freelance clients have dwindled down to just a few and the website I was relying on as a financial backup also petered out and is now defunct. I know God will come through and provide, but the stress of times like this is always what's worse. So I'm asking for prayer for strength to trust in God's plan. He knows what He's doing, but it's very hard not to worry and fret over every little thing that I do, whether I'm doing enough, too little or too much.
  2. No, of course not. It was obvious what I meant. Have you ever been to a Evangelical Free church, or a Conservative Bible Church? Theologically they are almost identical to most Baptist denominations. Even denominations like Church of Christ and Assembly of God, you have the theological point of beliving one can lose their salvation, but does believing that make one lost? There's a big difference between wrong and lost. I doubt any of us are dead on on everything, so let's hope our salvation isn't dependant on hving every nuance of theology correct. There's a core of beliefs that are crucial to salvation, and that's the real factor. They rest falls in to place if you are sincerely seeking Christ. I've met plenty of people saved in one denomination that then migrated to another one they reached a place where they were ready to accept the truth on some point (like once saved always saved or whether or not Baptism is required for salvation)
  3. As I was upgrading the phpBible.org script, it occured to me that I had all the necessary components to make it a simple content management system, so low-budget churches and ministries could use it to build thier web site for free. I decided to rename it Salt & Light CMS ( http://saltandlightcms.org ) and have the Bible search part finished and functional. In the next few weeks or months I'll be building the CMS part then putting it together into an downloadable and installable package. This first version will be very simple with just the ability to create, edit and link pages. Future ugrades will include additional functions light calander of events, member login, sub-sections for groups within the church (like sunday school classes, choir, etc.) I plan on it to always be free. Since I purchase a nice software package last year that allows me to quickly create nice web templates, I can produce a lot of templates for the CMS so churches can install and launch very quickly with only a small amount of editing. Check it out, because even the Bible part has lots of improvements.
  4. I disagree. I've studied many different denominations, and while theological difference get noticed more, the other 3 reasons (worship style, mission funding and organizational structure) make up a lot more of the differences. Hstorically, the #1 reason for someone creating a new denomination was their concern that there were too many denominations, so they started a new one, that they assumed would be the one everyone would conform to.
  5. It's possible, using Facebook Connect, to allow current accounts here, to be linke dto their Facebook accounts. This would allow those of use that had accounts before you began allowing FB login, to link up, them log in via Facebook. I added this functionality to a project I'm working on so I can go through some of the coding if you need it. Since I'm not linked to FB through this site, I don't know, but is it allowed to have messages posted here, noted as a FB update on the member's FB account? If not, that would be a good idea, because it would cross promote this site to member's friends.
  6. Saw just enough to tell it was a biased hack piece, and turned it off.
  7. Worship style is one of the 4 big reasons for differing denominations. Some people prefer a more lively worship, some prefer a quiet, some like a lot fo structure and "liturgy". I don't see how there's anything wrong with any of them, as long as it's a means to the end of worshipping God and focusing on Him, and not just a way to achieve an emotional buzz. One danger comes from assuming your method of worship is superior, and e=other are wrong by not doing it the way you prefer.
  8. So does the Bible on this site http://www.onlinebaptist.com/KJV, which is powered by http://phpAv.com, which is powered by http://phpBible.com, all of which have both Strong's and the Internet Public Domain Lexicon.
  9. It just occurred to me today that the links to http://phpBible.org were too long for facebook and twitter. I needed a way to post shorter links. I got the domain this morning, set it up at my rackspacecloud account, a wrote a script to interprit shorter urls into a forward to phpBible. Then, tonight, I added the reverse lin to the bottom of the pages at phpBible. Try it out http://KJav.us/joh_3_16 will take you to John 3:16
  10. I wasn't that impressed. even though the wife did a lot of terrible things, she never apologized or asked for forgiveness. The entire burden was pushed on the husband. They also never really established the cause and effect between the main character and his mother. It seemed she was being a nag, then out of the blue, she's the mistreated hero. I didn't get that either. The actor who played the main character's father was a really poor actor. He sounded like he was delivering a seminar with every line. It seemed low budget in the production and directing.
  11. I've always thought the following describes the Holocaust... A really large number of Jews sought refuge in the US from Hitler.
  12. I wanted to pass this along to ya'll because I thought it could put some perspctive on the good and bad in the way men and womed do things. While I find the chit chat among those I work with, online, in my newest gig, annoying, the following, part of that chit-chat, illustrates that while it may not be condicive to an efficient work environment, it can be a very good thing, nonetheless...
  13. It's interesting but just this week I had a very vivid illustration of what I was talking about. I was hired to manage the affiliate program for a Christian company (it's a low paying part time gig). But this particular company has mostly women working for it. The first thing I noticed was that I was being deluged with chit-chat emails, among which were the occasional emails with actually info for me. They "reply-to-all" on everything and carry on conversations all day. The next thing I noticed is that their weekly conference call meeting contained info that could easily have been handled via email, and the follow-up notes, had very little info, but they were so gung-ho on talking, in any way allowable, they continued with it. Then it occured to me I'd seen this before. In the book PayPal Wars, by Eric jackson, he told how the "culture" at PayPal, in the early years was loose, casual and efficient. The fought eBay tooth and nail for the online payment market. EBay had their own online payment service, BillPoint, but anti-trust laws prevented them from outright blocking other service. PayPal was constantly outmaneuvering eBay in maintaining the lead in payment services for eBay users, in spite of eBay's massive size. Finally, surrendering to the inevitable, eBay made an offer to buy PayPal for $1.5 billion. The PayPal team all got a cut of that, and were encouraged to stay on, but they soon realized that as eBay restrucured PayPal to match it's own "culture" that everything was bogged down in meetings, meetings to plan meetings, meetings to discuss meetings to plan meetings. Most of the original PayPal people left in dusgust. The CEO of PayPal through most of the "PayPal Wars" leading up to it's acquisition by eBay? Peter Thiel The CEO of eBay at that time? Meg Whitman Fortune magazine reports that Peter Thiel along with others from the original PayPal group have founded or invested in dozens of startups with an aggregate value of around $30 billion, among them FaceBook, LinkedIn, Yelp, Digg, and YouTube. Meg Whitman has since resigned.
  14. Behavior is a concrete concept. Attitute, however is more abstract. While behavior will usually conform to attitude, the reverse can often be true as well. Men tend to think in more concrete terms, but God's instruction to men lean toward the abstract, because that's where we need the most work. We can do things, but having the right attitude about it is something we'll often forget. Women, however, tend to think more in the abstract. But God's instructions that are specifically toward women, are very concrete. Proberbs 31 isn't about attitudes, it's about very specific behaviors. Y'see men can hide from those annoying abstract things by keeping busy with concrete things like work, hobbies, etc. At the same time, women have a tendency to avoid concrete things by talking about abstract things. Talking. What should a Christian woman be? A woman that does things, not just talks about the ideas, attitudes, feelings, etc. And a Christian man should be one who allows his actions to come from motives that have been thought about, meditated upon and conformed to scripture. Not just playing the part, but being the part.

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