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  1. In that case, it's time to ask boss for a raise?
  2. Ban Aleksey for taking so long in replying to my IM!
  3. Ban Samer for being overbearing and obsessive and jealous and *cough* :mrgreen: :saint
  4. Ban Samer for joking like he's going to call Brenda :cry: *giggles*
  5. Ban A4C for calling me liar in a polite way :)
  6. Ban Samer for being such a fornicater! Woohooo! :lol:
  7. Ban Kathie for ruining our inside jokes! :frog
  8. Ban Samer for being flirty with other girls! *runs* :D
  9. Ban SeattleSun for being such a good lil' Baptist.
  10. Ban Brandon for noticing Kathie was laughing at John!
  11. *smack* shhhhhh.... :!: <--says the atkin's diet freak :)
  12. Not so sure I knoe who ur talkin about, who is he?
  13. Wow! I haven't posted on this thread in ages! :lol: How's it going guys? :frog
  14. [quote="Jesuspaiditall4all"] Aren't you glad that HE knows and doesn't have to rely on us to work things out? :mrgreen: [/quote] If that isn't the truth, then what is?! :lol:
  15. for supper I had a creame filled, chocolate covered, krispy-kreme donut, lol..I knoe it ain't the [i]heeeealthiest[/i] but it suuuuuure was fiiiine with a glass of milk, and I am [i]fuuuuuuuull[/i] :lol:
  16. what kinda of question is that?!?! :lol:

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