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  1. The whole thing is a disgrace. The people who attacked the ref should get serious jail time for this. I heard that in Florida attacking a ref is a felony (and it should be, they are in a vulnerable situation). It is good strategy. Sports Illustrated published a study that showed that reason for home court (field, diamond, ice, ect) advantage is the crowd's psychological influence on the officials.
  2. I listened to the music and my question is what specifically was wrong with them?
  3. Hi; how are you doing? this is a great place to visit and discuss the Bible

  4. They will not get to play for a national title. The voters will put a 1 loss SEC or other major conference team in over BSU. It is not fair or right, if you just watch this team they are title game worthy if they win out.
  5. But what if a person would not hire someone because of their race? Now that is how democracy is supposed to work. The people who you work for get to decide who you vote for. Maybe they should have just got absentee ballots so you could fill them out for them.
  6. Because most people understand that not all possible definitions apply to any possible use of the word.
  7. It is one thing to not like rock music, but saying things like this just makes you lose all credibility.
  8. Go Green! Go White! Take that U of M.
  9. I wish stores would play rock music. Most of what they play is that boring, unoffensive pop muzic (muzic= boring fluff that they claim is music).
  10. By Maize and Blue he meant Michigan. And hey, anybody who beats Notre Dame is good in my book.
  11. While I do disagree with him, I think there is a small nugget of truth in some of what he says about that people who make a lot of money for themselves should be applauded. There seems to be this idea that people who have a lot of money must have done something unethical. Especially someone like Bill Gates who created a product or service that people are willing to pay for.
  12. I am a Michigan State Spartan fan. But I have to say I am cheering for Boise State, unfortunately I have to work till 9 on Monday and will miss the start of the Boise and Va Tech game.
  13. I try to give 10% of what I make. So, in the summer when I did not make any money I did not give a regular tythe, but did give offerings at various times. At a church I went to in college they had a credit card machine in the lOBby for giving. You could go to it and swipe you card, type in how much to give and it would go on your card. It made sense, with a lot of people using direct deposit and debit/credit cards for most things.
  14. Yeah. I go to the one on Wednesday night for the young adult group.
  15. Hymn means a song of praise. So it is not any particular style.
  16. Sorry, my bad. I have met people who seem to think that they are what Paul was talking about.
  17. Of course not. What we call hymns had not been written yet.
  18. Not me I go to one church on Sunday mornings and a different one on Wednesdays.
  19. Thanks guys, but I did not get the jOB.
  20. I have a jOB interview tomorrow (June 8, which is also my birthday) about two hours away at a Christian school. Hopefully it will go well.
  21. As a sovereign nation, Israel has the right to do anything it believes are in its interests. It just has to be prepared for the consequences. Attacking a foreign flagged vessel in international waters is a cause for a declaration of war.
  22. They also promised the land to the Arabs. But there were more Palestinians than Arabs. When the UN decided on their partition plan, they gave the majority of the land to the minority population. Many of the people in the refugee camps still have the keys to their family houses back in Israel. The history is pretty good, but the Soviet Union started supporting the Arab states before the 6 Day War in 1967, when Israel was still flying French planes. It was after that when the US started supplying Israel, in large part because of Cold War politics. That is the only reason that any country does anything. Period. Why did the USSR support Israel? They saw the kibbutz and thought that Israel might lean toward communism. Why did the French support Israel? They were fighting to hold on the Algeria and wanted to punish the Arab states for supporting the Algerians. That and both the French and the British were mad at Egypt for naturalizing the Suez Canal. Countries act when they believe it is their best interest and that is it. Always have and always will. Countries are in an anarchistic relationship with each other. All this talk about international cooperation and law is meaningless, because they will not follow them when they believe their interests are at stake.
  23. According to the Geneva Convention, enemy soldiers not in uniform are spies and can be executed on the spot. Also, the party who is a place where civilians may be injured (i.e. hiding in a city)is responsible for any civilian casualties.
  24. I miss it because I was able to play sports in high school. But, college is a lot more fun then high school.
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