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  1. The whole thing is a disgrace. The people who attacked the ref should get serious jail time for this. I heard that in Florida attacking a ref is a felony (and it should be, they are in a vulnerable situation). It is good strategy. Sports Illustrated published a study that showed that reason for home court (field, diamond, ice, ect) advantage is the crowd's psychological influence on the officials.
  2. I listened to the music and my question is what specifically was wrong with them?
  3. Hi; how are you doing? this is a great place to visit and discuss the Bible

  4. Because we just don't have the time to have real historical perspective on modern events. We just don't know the historical implications. In one hundred years the Iraq war might be considered in the same light as the insurgency we fought when we took over the Philippines or if it will be as important as Pearl Harbor.
  5. I just finished reading Torch of Freedom by David Weber and Eric Flint. Now I have to wait for Mission of Honor to come out in July.
  6. It is a genetic condition, and actually is a dominate condition. Antonio Alfonseca, a major league pitcher, has this condition.

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