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  1. Yes, Praise the Lord they weren't in the house. Brother, do you have any information on how to help them out financially, a contact thru' their church maybe? Are they getting any help from their church, the Red Cross, or their community?
  2. Welcome, Marora. I love animals, too, but only have one cat. I live in a small trailer and have alergies. I really only have her because I felt sorry for a friend who was moving out of state and couldn't take her. I love her, though. I had horses as a teenager. They were great fun, but a lot of work. I would love to have a dog, but live alone and have to work. Don't like to leave a dog alone so much. Maybe someday when I retire. My boss has two Labs, sweet dogs, and I enjoy them when at work. Will pray for your husband.
  3. Hi Kathie, Welcome. I can identify with your signature. I "young at heart (most of the time), slightly older in other places" too. I also like to play Mahjongg. Have to watch it, tho', that I don't waste too much time at it. Time has a way of getting away from you when you start playing on the computer. But then that's true of visiting on here as well. Anyway, hope you like it here.
  4. Hi MistyAnn, Welcome. Praise the Lord that He brought you out of the LDS church. Would love to hear more about how that came about and how you all came to know the Lord.
  5. I live in eastern NY, but have a home in eastern Maine that I plan to move back to some day, either when I retire or sooner if my elderly father needs me to take care of him. The house needs some work done to it and I plan to go there next week (on the 12th) and stay for 2 weeks to get some of the work done. My older brother is a carpenter and will be helping me with some of it. We are moving the bath from the tiny room it is in to another room which is now a small BR in order to put a tub in (only have a shower right now), so will have a lot of plumbing to be done. My brother is going to call a guy he works with to come look at the job and give me an estimate for the plumbing. I also need to find a shorter (54 in.) bath tub to fit the space. Please pray that every thing will come together right and be within my limited budget. I just got out of debt this past July and don't want to borrow too much. Plan to do what I can afford to now, and when I save some more, do more work. My father has Parkinson's, and tho' he is doing well right now, I expect to have to go home to take care of him sometime in the future. I'd really like to get everything fixed up at the house before I have to move home. Please also pray for my witness to family when I see them. My dad and one brother are saved but my mom, sister, and 3 other brothers are not. I won't be seeing all of them, but want to be a good testimony to those I do see.
  6. Jerry, this is a wonderful story! I had read all your recent devotionals so I was looking back at some of the older ones I hadn't read yet, and came across this one. I've got to tell you, this moved me to tears. I think I heard God say to me, "Oh ye of little faith." I was also moved to ask God to give me the heart of a child to trust Him like this. Thank you for sharing this.
  7. I got called last year, got one of those cards in the mail, said to call a phone # to see when I should I appear and when I called they said I didn't have to because there weren't any cases pending. Then I was told that if I returned the card by mail I wouldn't get called again for at least 4 years.
  8. :ha That's funny , Jerry, you should have posted it in the Humor forum. And qwerty guy, you sound paranoid. I don't trust the government either, but I do trust my Lord to take care of me. Nothing can happen to me that He doesn't allow for some reason. Oh, BTW, I'm not married so everything I have (which isn't much) is in my just my name. Should make a will, though. Been meaning to do that but keep putting it off. Another important question to consider, those of you who have children, do you have something in writing saying what you would want to happen to them if you and your spouse both died. Don't assume they would be taking care of by people you would want. You need to choose appropriate guardians and put it in writing.
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