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  1. We encourage "close" communion, but it's hardly ever mentioned and we don't go around asking people if they are saved and a member in good standing of a Bible-believing church. So really, in practice, I'd say we're more "open" communion. I would prefer that it be mentioned before each communion time that we practice "close" communion, tho.
  2. Just for the record, yes, I usually do reuse my tea bags. I don't like my tea real strong, so there's usually still plenty of whatever left for another cup. Or I'll combine two used ones.
  3. Or at least those of us who don't use tea bags more than once could send them to Kayla! :frog
  4. Now this is just too many numbers for a post about tea bags! What did you major in.....math? Too funny, but pretty thrifty I must say. :lol:
  5. But most days I feel 80! I'm feeling kinda lonely in my group! I know there are other members here, tho, that would be in it.
  6. I had just come out of church a few weeks ago and looked up just in time to see the space station passing over. I've seen it plenty of times before, but only because I had looked the times up online and knew when and where to look. So it was kinda cool to just look up and catch it at random.
  7. :goodpost: Couldn't have said it better, pastorj.
  8. This time of year it has to be wild leeks (ramps)!!
  9. I get our local channels free with DirecTv.
  10. I do think it's deliberate, Jerry808, but not sure why. Perhaps they are looking for "some new thing" to maybe have an edge over others. Sometimes folks try a little too hard to interpret what ought to just be taken at face value. No doubt Satan has a hand in it.
  11. No changes needed...... we have DirecTv.....already digital.
  12. I've bought/sold over 100 items on Ebay and only once ever had someone return an item....a baseball card they didn't think was worth what they paid. I've always been happy with the things I've purchased on there, tho. I make sure I don't buy from people with poor feedback ratings.
  13. We're too rural for Craig's List, so I usually go with Ebay.....or the local papers, radio, etc....
  14. Yepper, it surely is........can't wait to start picking it. It's been a bit dry here, too, but the temps have been great.
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