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  1. No, I don't believe in luck. I just thought I'd throw in the technical stuff since no one else had. It is something to think about tho.....whether you want to be a widow for the last 16 years of your life.......of course, you could also find another bloke to live out your days with. (I hope you know I'm kidding. The important thing is of course that you both know and love the Lord and believe this to be His will.) (And make sure he's loaded. )
  2. American women live an average of 79.1 years, while American men average 72.2 years. So if you're not wanting to be a widow for 16 years, you might want to find a younger guy. Of course this is an average, so you might get "lucky" and get a guy who'll be around to badger you till you're gone. My one grandfather was 9 years older than my grandmother, but she died at age 77 and he died at age 89, so he was a widower for 3 years. My other grandfather was also 9 years older than my other grandmother. He died at age 76 and she died at age 87, so she was a widow for 20 years. Ya just
  3. Sadly, it's not going to get any better as time goes by. The standards will continue to deteriorate and those who choose to "not be moved" will look even more strange to the rest of the world and to most other Christians. It's time to decide just Who we're trying to please, amen?
  4. My daughter & I nuked a couple Healthy Choice dinners...beef tips w/ portabella mushrooms in gravy, mashed potatos, broccoli & carrots, cherry crisp. Very yummy, plus they were buy one/ get one free this week. I just wish they were a bit bigger, tho.
  5. [quote="Rez Preacher"] We drive 75 miles to church one way. We started the church in 1997. As missionaries and non-Natives, we cannot buy land. We have to base ourselves out of one area and then drive to where we need to work. The next work we start is ONLY going to be 30 miles away! Just a short walk! [/quote] Our church supports a missionary (IBIM) to the Navajos in AZ...Sam Grammer. I believe he lives in Flagstaff and pastors a church in Tuba City.
  6. I live ½ mile from church and am the only member out of 65 that lives inside the town limit. Even our Pastor lives 3½ miles from the church, which is right in the middle of our little town of 1,000.
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