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  1. [quote="My Saviour Leads Me"] Let them know that you are a Christian. Talk to them about the Lord. [/quote] This now is the BEST & Wisest words anyone could say. We should not give off the air ever of seemingly wanting to be touched/hugged rather we be christian or non- christian.I would know exactly what to say if another man tried to hug me, I would say to him in a very courteous way that I do not appreciate that and neither would my husband and I NEVER remove my wedding rings. I learned something though I did not know that blood was a permanent fixture on diamonds(Guess, I am pretty dumb)??? Never too old to LEARN (LOL)
  2. Simply say " I do not appreciate you touching me, so DO NOT do it again" seems to me that would solve the problem unless there is someting missing upstairs. Sometimes we all have to stand up and speak up. Rudeness SHOULD NOT rule especially when it comes to the sanctity of marriage.We can all do and say all things for and in the honor of our God. :D :) :idea:
  3. We smoked a brisket on the grill/smoker and that is what we had for dinner last evening.
  4. Maybe we are just in the beginning stages!!! :lol:
  5. I use the Scofield KJV bible. I have for many years and will continue have no desire to switch to any other but then it is each individual to thier own preference and thier own chosen choice. :D
  6. Hey, I'm lost on this one BUT hey what's new - - - ??I've been lost before and I grant you it is going to happen again!!! (lol) :lol:
  7. danjanchelsie


    I have absolutely no craft abilities at all!!!! Somtimes, however I wish I did but I am just too busy and stay too involved with our daughter to take out time to learn a craft.

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