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  1. I keep my house around 65... anything over that, and I am to hot!!! :ooops We also have to keep it cold for the dogs!!!!!! :Green
  2. What is your favorite grocery store, and why?
  3. With this very hot weather, how cool do you keep your house?
  4. Last night was BBQ pork loin and french fries, banana pudding for dessert. :Green
  5. The hotter the better..... I love anything that has "heat" !!! I love my homemade salsa to be firey hot.... my hubby can't eat it, it brings tears to his eyes!!!!! YUM :Bleh
  6. The fruit butter sounds delish. What is the consistancy of the butter? I like a thick jam... I don't care for any thing runny.
  7. I voted everyday... usually at night. I am definitly NOT a morning person, but I am a night owl :bonK:
  8. Manwhich and chips... busy day at work,to tired to actually cook anything else! :Bleh
  9. Would you consider having plastic surgery to enhance or alter your apperance?
  10. Go for a walk, work out in the yard, it is better if I am by myself when I am stressed. :ooops
  11. Rice a roni meatballs....we call them porquipine meatballs. Mashed potatoes, asparagus casserole, and yeast rolls. Fresh baked choc chip cookies for dessert!
  12. My friend and I have started a new business. We will be doing wedding cakes and catering, and the whole gamet that goes along with all of that! I would appreciate your prayers. We are really excited, and we still have much to do, I just got our business cards the other day, and have given out many already. We would like to grow the business in a few years so that we would be able to quit our current jobs, and totally support ourselves through our business. It would be nice to work for ourselves. :smile
  13. I personally do not think that it would be a good idea. I know that you say that both of you are committed to save yourselves for marriage, but that old ugly temptation is always there to bug us. And what kind of a testimony would you be portraying by moving in with your boyfried? Please know that I am not trying to judge you, just trying to answer your question, and give a little advice. I will be praying that you make the right decision. :pray
  14. I know that this a several weeks away, but I will be having dental surgery on the 28th of August. I will be sedated. Please pray that all goes well. Thanks :smile
  15. Last night was meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and carrots..... dessert was peanut butter cookies warm out of the oven!
  16. I voted yes. I believe that you can chew gum "tastefully" :Green
  17. Welcome..... my MIL had cancer and had chemo, and as a result her hair fell out.... I remember her trying to find wigs and hats. She is with the angels now, but I thank you for the "hat" ministry that you have started, I hope that many women will find Jesus because of the hats.
  18. HEY.... I just noticed that you are in South Carolina...... if you are any where near Spartanburg go see Dr.Cox. I live in NC about but I drive about 45 minutes to Spartanburg to see him. Just thought that I would mention him!!! He is great.....top notch!
  19. Okay..... you are now talking to the BIGGEST dental phobic here. I usually have to take a pill to calm me down before I go, however, I am getting better. I have an appt. with the oral surgeon on July 24th. I have a tooth that broke off in the back, and it has to come out. I did go to my regular dentist, and he did try to remove it, but he could not get me numb enough to get it out. I now get to go visit my oral surgeon. He took my wisdom teeth out. Mine were impacted also. I remember going, and when we got to his offfice, I broke out into tears.... I was scared to death. They were extremely nice, took me back and gave me laughing gas to calm me down. Then he came in and started the little IV in my arm, all I felt was a tiny pinch when he put it in, and the next thing that I know, I am waking up and he was finished. He had all 4 wisdom teeth out in 30 minutes. I was numb for hours, ans only had to take 1 pain pill.... so I know what to expect this time..... it should be a piece of cake this time! I would make sure that you go to an oral surgeon, to have them taken out..... have them sedate you with a general anasthesia (sp?) Try to be calm.... I know that it is hard when you are so terrified..... believe me I know.... I am really trying to do better with going to the dentist, and having work done on my teeth..... I finally found a dentist who I really like. I wish you luck, you will do just fine... look at it this way at least you can have it taken care of and it will be over and done with. I will be thinking of ya!!! :smile
  20. I was born and raised in Indiana. Although, my "roots" are there, I don't think that I could leave North Carolina now..... it is a beautiful state. One day you can visit the mountains, and the next day you can be at the ocean! We live about 2 hours from the Smokey Mountains and about 4 hours from the beach! Y'all come and visit North Carolina, you will not be disappointed! :Bleh
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