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  1. I love it....... but, I like mine better :Bleh

    3-4 family size tea bag
    boiled water, enough to fill the tea pot, and then let it steep for a couple of hours.
    When you get ready to put it all in the pitcher... put your sugar in first about 2 cups and then add a little HOT water so that the surgar is disolved and then add the tea from the tea pot..... fill the pitcher the rest of the way with cold water... and WAH LA you have sweet southern tea :clap: We also ad some lemon juice to our glass of tea!

    I also like Bojangles ( a chicken and biscuits place) sweet tea!!!!

  2. Ok' date=' now I'm mighty hungry for some snacks, but we have almost no snack type thing in our home! We need to go shopping SOON![/quote']

    Just curious..... what kind of snacks do ya have in China!!!!

    I just watched a TV show... and they were talking about serving dog in that part of the world :barfy: :barfy:
  3. I LOVE fall.... I love the crispness in the air, the leaves changing, it is a refreshing time..... it also includes my favorite holiday..... which I will not mention, because people get all bent out of shape when that holiday surfaces. :Bolt: :jawdrop: :hide

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