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  1. vinegar fries are to die for..... maybe it is just because I eat them at the fair.... but all they are are thicker gut fries with skins on, deep fried. Then ya salt them.... I usually go overboard, and then shake cider vinegar over the top of them......................... my mouth is watering..... can't wait to sink my teeth into them :thumb
  2. What is your favorite kind of nut? My SIL was in town this past weekend, and brought me a 4 pound bag of pistachios from Costco..... they are sooooooooooooo good.... pistachios have to be MY favorite. :Bleh
  3. Not quite sure what I am having tonight!!!! We are going to the county fair, so hard telling what I will end up eating!!! As long as I get my vinegar fries, I will be happy!!!! :thumb
  4. Hello and welcome to the boards :clap:
  5. Welcome to the boards :clap:
  6. Hello and welcome to the boards :clap:
  7. Hope that you had a great birthday :clap:
  8. I dnn't care to much for coconut, so I can't be of help..... sorry :puzzled:
  9. A bowl of chocolate Captain Crunch cereal :thumb :ooops and pepsi to drink!!!!
  10. Tonight will be our pizza night............ Survivor China starts tonight, and we always have pizza when we watch survivor! :clap:
  11. Last night was BBQ boneless pork chops, peas, mashed potatoes, biscuits, and peaches for dessert.
  12. I love it....... but, I like mine better :Bleh 3-4 family size tea bag boiled water, enough to fill the tea pot, and then let it steep for a couple of hours. When you get ready to put it all in the pitcher... put your sugar in first about 2 cups and then add a little HOT water so that the surgar is disolved and then add the tea from the tea pot..... fill the pitcher the rest of the way with cold water... and WAH LA you have sweet southern tea We also ad some lemon juice to our glass of tea! I also like Bojangles ( a chicken and biscuits place) sweet tea!!!!
  13. Well......... my BRAVES are out of it..... they have been terrible this year. They need some pitchers :uuhm:
  14. I have seen them advertised.... are they as good as they say they are?
  15. Our Blimpies went out of buisness :bonK:
  16. Chicken sandwiches and chips..... sweet southern tea to wash it all down :Bleh
  17. Hello and welcome.... I to love animals I have 4 dogs, 3 cats, 3 kittens , 1 fish, and 1 hermit crab..... the other one croaked Hope you enjoy the boards :clap:
  18. Praying for him and all of our soldiers that are serving our great country :praying
  19. Will continue to pray for her... and for the best results for the biopsies. :praying I attended in 1990-1991 and Mrs. Leslie was there then as the dorm supe.
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